Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tremor Shakes San Francisco

In the biggest test to date of the rebuilding project in San Francisco, a 6.6 magnitude earthquake shook the city yesterday.  However, from all reports in the papers we watch, there doesn't appear to have been major damage or loss of life from the earth tremor.  There is some evidence for cracked and out of plumb walls, but nothing like the great calamity which struck the city five years ago.  The quake was felt as far away as Tucson, Arizona and Seattle, Washington.  In Carson City, Nevada, a hearing at the federal courthouse was adjourned outside after the lawyers had fled the building.

While nerves were certainly frazzled by the great shock of the earthquake and with the loss of telephone service, people began to gain some courage as the hours passed and it became clear that this would not be another 1906.

The mean time clock at observatory of the University of California was stopped by the quake for the first time since the great earthquake of 1906.

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