Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yet Another Textile Factory Fire

In Baltimore today, there was yet another fire at a textile factory. Surprise, surprise, the primary employees at the Hopkins Tailoring Company and the surrounding business were women. While the 25 women in the building that was set ablaze did manage to escape without serious harm, several were forced to crawl along a ledge to safety. Unfortunately, the 200-plus women from the surrounding business panicked and fled into the street, where they greatly impeded the work of the firefighters with their sheer numbers. Coming just days after the deadly blaze in New York, this rash of textile fires is greatly imperiling working class women.

Even more disturbing is the public response, however. The article reporting this in the Washington Times seemed much more concerned that the chief of the Fire Department has to go home ill than that 25 women's lives were put in jeopardy. As if the lives of 25 women are completely unimportant when compared to the exertion of a statist dog. This cannot stand! We as a society are responsible for the lives of our workers, be they men or women, and must work to protect them. We must demand serious action be taken, to stop these sorts of accidents and prevent any more lives from being threatened. We must act to remind the Capitalists we are people too and that we won't lay down our lives for their profit.

A failure to respond to this developing string of conflagrations of women's workplaces will just serve to embolden the Capitalists already exploiting these women. They will attempt to get by with the minimum safety features necessary, as money spent on safety doesn't go into their pocket books. Thus, a decisive response is necessary to remind Management they need us, and if we aren't happy, nothing will be made. To that end we must speak out, and organize committees to inform our individual employers of our demands for safer working environments. If we don't, I fear this will just keep on happening, possibly with dire consequences. To that end, talk with your coworkers, comrades, decide what needs done and do it as a cohesive unit. Together we have the power and can prevent this type of tragedy. Together we can build a better tomorrow. Together we can be truly free. No Gods, No Masters!

Girls In Factory Creep On Ledges To Escape Flames [The Washington Times]

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fire Devastates New York State Capitol

In what is becoming a rather sad trend here, it is time to cover yet another devastating fire.  This time, a massive fire occurred yesterday morning at the New York State Capitol in Albany.  The cost of the damages in the fire is thought to exceed $5,000,000.  In comparison, the whole building has a relative cost of $27,000,000.  This does not include the immeasurable cost of the loss of important records, papers, and books consumed by the fire.

The fire began shortly after 2 a.m. yesterday morning on the northwest side of the building in the Assembly library and quickly spread across the capitol's west side, devastating the State Library.  The New York Tribune stated that more than 600,000 volumes were archived in the library that occupied the heavily hit third and fourth floors.  The assembly chamber itself was only lightly affected by flames but smoke and water damage was high.  A large brass and crystal chandelier in the Assembly chamber was destroyed when it crashed to the floor, demolishing many Assemblymen's desks as a result.  The Senate chamber suffered light smoke and water damage.

The state legislature will be meeting in the Albany city hall until the capitol can be repaired to the point that it can be reoccupied.

The fire and water, in addition to damaging a number of offices of New York state officials (like the lieutenant Governor, the State Lunacy Commission, and the State Treasurer), caused significant structural damage.  In particular, the large tower on the building's heavily damaged southwest corner caved in.

Governor John Dix released a statement yesterday on the disaster:
It is an appalling disaster.  I consider the destruction of the state library a national loss.  Fortunately the copies of Abraham Lincoln's emancipation proclamation and General Washington's farewell address were removed not long ago from the library to the safe in Commissioner Draper's office.
Repair work is expected to begin as soon as the Legislature approves making plans and contracts, according to the State Architect Franklin Ware.  Work began on the construction of the capitol in 1867 but the legislature didn't use the building until 1879.  Ultimately, the building cost two and half times the Capitol building in Washington.

The only known victim of the fire is night watchman Samuel Abbott, a Civil War veteran, who is still missing.

Early speculation as to the cause of the fire is centered around "defective insulation of an electric light wire near a book case in the Assembly library", according to Dwight Goewey, a 17 year old proofreader who discovered the fire.

Link: Capitol at Albany Swept By Flames [The New York Tribune]
Link: $5,000,000 Fire Damages New York Capitol [The Bisbee Daily Review]

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Army is Revolting!

According to the Washington Times, an attempted mutiny by the Mexico City garrison has taken place. While the Diaz government fervently denies this, it could not have come at a worse time for the state. While Diaz's new cabinet had been announced and the Mexican congress is set to meet on Saturday to discuss the new reform program, the Public doesn't seem to care. If anything, violence is up with increased numbers of bridges destroyed and communication throughout the north of the country disrupted. There are even reports, vehemently denied by the Diaz government of course, that the capital of Sonora has now fallen to the freedom fighters.

All this points to a government that has completely lost touch with its people. Even the Army can no longer be trusted to prop up Diaz. But why is this? Has the Army finally realized that Diaz does not care about them? That all Diaz cares about it his own power? That if the Army joins with the freedom fighters they can set Mexico free from oppressions boot heel? The ambivalence of the Mexican people towards the state, and I would venture towards any state, just shows their readiness to accept an anarchist system. The people of Mexico no longer see the State as either legitimate or needed. If anything, this time of insurrection and violence has helped prepare the people for anarchism by proving to them how useless the state even is!

While this newfound rebellious attitude of the Army may be a good thing, it must be used carefully. The Army must realize it has no need for a state, that it should set Mexico free from all governments and let the people live their lives unfettered. But if the Army should seek to assert its own power, the situation could get much worse. The campesinos could end up just trading one dictator for another. Only time will tell what route the Army will take, but hopefully they will listen to the will of the Mexican people and give the people of Mexico back their world, and disband all states. Solidarity with our comrades in Mexico!

Diaz Now Fears Mutiny Of Troops [The Washington Times]

Monday, March 28, 2011

Labor to Push for More Fire Protection at NYC Factories

Labor groups in New York City are planning to march to protest for better working conditions, particularly more fire protection, as city officials investigate the cause of Saturday's blaze that killed at least 143 and prepare for the burial of those victims who could not be identified.

The investigators have so far determined that the fire started due to a lit match or cigarette, but it may have spread due to an explosion of cleaning compound kept near the ignition source.  This explosion may have spread the fire beyond what workers near the source of the fire could control. Additional scrutiny is being given to an interior stairwell that could have been used by works to exit the burning factory.  While the stairwell itself was sufficient fireproof as to eliminate the need for external fire escapes, the doors to it were not, composed of flammable wood.  Worse, the doors may have been locked to prevent workers from stealing scraps of clothing when they left work every day. 

However, these violations had not been reported prior to the fire and were not found by either the Bureau of Buildings nor the Board of Sanitary Control of the cloak, waist, and suit trade.  This contrasts with the more than 13,000 buildings in Manhattan and the Bronx where fire code violations had been found during a recent sweep by inspectors.  District Attorney Charles Whitman placed blame for the tragedy on the Bureau of Buildings while Manhattan borough president George McAneny defended Bureau Superintendent Miller and his assistant, stating that no complaint had been made on the Asch Building.  According to the New York Tribune, Miller's assistant, Albert Ludwig said that the improper inspections were due to the "inadequate force at the bureau's disposal."

D.A. Whitman also pointed at the State Labor Commission as another source of blame for the tragedy.  The commission has the responsibility of overseeing the safety of factory employees in New York state.  A commission inspection of the Asch Building occurred as recently as February 27.  The state inspector found the building to be in good condition, and even if violations were found, the State Commissioner told the Tribune that the State Labor Commission can only issue recommendations and has no enforcement power.

While the finger pointing continues at the local and state level and plans for an April grand jury develop, labor activists and suffragists in New York City are planning a protest and general strike later this week as the city plans to bury the victims of the fire who could not be identified.  They plan to protest for new laws to provide for more fire protection for factory employees.

As of this morning, the Red Cross Fund for the families of the victims of Saturday's fire has risen to $15,000, including a $5,000 donation from Andrew Carnegie.

Link: Labor to Demand Fire Protection [The Washington Times]
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Murder in New York

Today the District Atorney Whitman firmly assigned blame for the death of 143 women on the State Labor Superintendent John Williams. This comes just months after a lackey for Mr. Williams office okayed the layout of the factory as safe and legal, despite all the obvious dangers that lead to this tragedy.

While Mr. Whitman is on the right track he has not as of yet made the final connection. Yes, Mr Williams is responsible for these deaths. But so are the capitalists for building the factory, so are the statists who allowed such a nation to exist that would let this happen, and so are we all for not opposing the capitalists before now. We are all responsible, some more than others that is true, but nonetheless we all have blood on our hands and we all have the moral duty to help prevent such a tragedy from happening again!

The conditions on the inside were obviously dangerous. Any fool could see that, so why did Mr Williams office approve this building? More than likely a few backs were scratched, a few palms greased, and business as usual took place in New York City. This is capitalism, pure and simple. For a price the rules put in place to keep the workers quiet are circumvented. For a price the capitalists are allowed to do as they will. For a price 143 women are allowed to die. This is capitalism. Take a good long look, comrades. You talk of your freedoms, you talk of your rights. But when push comes to shove they don't mean a thing, because for a few dollars worth of hush money capitalist pigs can murder 143 women.

These women made the ultimate sacrifice for the capitalist pigs. They shouldn't have had to, but they did. So how do we prevent this from happening again? We can change the building regulations, or the labor laws, or even remove the industry entirely, but it will still happen. It will still happen because this is how capitalism works. Anything can be done for the right price, even ignoring the rules. If we truly wish to prevent another tragedy of this magnitude, we must attack the root of the problem. We must attack the capitalists. Only by removing the capitalists who exploit these workers and the statists that allowed them to do so can we make these women's deaths have a meaning. Only by removing capitalism and statism can we prevent the exploitative circumstances from cropping back up. Only by having an anarchist system free of capitalism can we all be free. That is what we must do. Only through this course are we able to assuage our fears about this type of tragedy. Only via this course can we truly be free. Anarchy and Equality, comrades.

Probe of Factory Fire Horror Begun Along Every Line  [The Washington Times]

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Terror and Heroism as 142 die in NYC Factory Fire

Horror struck New York City just before closing time yesterday as a fire broke out on the eighth, ninth, and tenth floors of the Asch Building, home to the Triangle Waist Company.  According to one of its owners, Max Blanck, in a statement to the press this morning, 750 people were employed by the company, two-thirds of them women between the ages of eighteen and thirty.  Of those, 142 were confirmed dead by Coroner Weston at the Charities Department dock on East 26th Street.  Of the 100 or so bodies that had arrived at the morgue by 10pm, 33 remain unidentified.  The Triangle Waist Company produced shirtwaists, a popular type of buttoned down, women's blouse.

The horrific tragedy, the worst fire disaster since the Slocum steamboat burned on the east river on June 15, 1904, began at 4:40pm yesterday afternoon as the factory began to file past the cashiers to pick up their pay.  The fire broke out on the eighth floor of the building and, thanks to the many flammable materials in the factory, quickly spread to the ninth and tenth floors.  Due to a horrible oversight and potentially gross negligence, only one fire escape to an interior courtyard was available to those in the factory and that was made less than adequate by poor design and the fact that the windows to the fire escape were barred.  Many of the workers, most of them Jewish or Italian immigrants, escaped via two elevators.

However, these escapes provided too little relief to the raging inferno that ingulfed the factory.  Many victims died clawing their way to these meager escapes and at least 50 resorted to another means of relief, the windows facing Washington Place.  At least one woman, Bertha Weintrup, survived the fall from a 10th floor window, however the rest were not so lucky.  On-lookers in Washington Place were gripped by the horror of watching woman after woman, many with clothes ripped off during the mad scramble to escape the flames, some even on fire, fall to their deaths.  In one case, a woman who escaped via the elevators was struck and killed by a falling body as she left the burning building.  Some women who tried to flee the flames via the windows managed to climb out on to a ledge at the base of the windows, but ultimately lost their grip or were accidentally pushed by the throng on panic-stricken women behind them.

The lone fire escape in the interior of the building was not much comfort.  Due to poor design, the escapes stairs ended at the buildings second floor.  Worse still was the fact that every window facing the fire escape from the eighth floor down as closed.  The mass of men and women who tried to use the escape forced many to either leap of 25 feet from the base of the escape or use a series of wires at the second floor level to crawl over to one of the open windows to safety.  Unfortunately, only six or seven of the 50 or so people who tried this method of the escape succeeded.  Many fell to the courtyard below where some either drowned in the six feet of water that quick filled the airshaft or impaled themselves on metal spikes that topped a concrete dividing wall.  The crush of humanity on the fire escape forced many to make life or death decision before it could be properly thought out.

Amidst the tragedy and horror of the fire, heroes did rise up.  A group of law students in an adjacent building managed to carry ladders up the School of Law and Commerce of the New York University in Washington Square.  They, along with firemen, used the ladders to bridge the gap between the two buildings, allowing at least 50 women to escape the flames.  Many others lost their lives as well as the crush of people trying to save themselves knocked them off the ladder, landing in the flooded courtyard below.  The effort had to be suspended after flames reached the university building.  More ladders were found in the building and these allowed women on the roof of the Asch Building to be rescued.  In another case of heroism, a man only identified as Gregory took control of an elevator abandoned on the ground floor by its operator and made at least ten trips to the tenth floor, carry 30 women on each trip.  Gregory slipped back into the crowd surrounding the building before he could be interviewed by the press. In another case, a patrolman managed to catch a small boy who had lept from an eighth floor window.

While victims continue to be identified in the East 26th Street morgue, authorities are promising a thorough investigation both into the cause of the fire and into why so many people died in the fire or trying to escape it.  While the former has not be speculated on, both Fire Chief Croker and borough president George McAneny stated that the lack of proper fire escapes and sprinkler systems contributed to the massive loss of life.   Coroner Holtzhauser told the New York Tribune:
I am going to find out who is responsible for this carnage and put the blame where it belongs.  It is awful to think that these poor girls went to work this morning, being carried up the elevators, only to finish their work by being taken from the building dead and mutilated.
Borough President McAneny stated that he would look into whether any complaints had been made about inadequate fire escapes for the building.  "If this structure where a fireproof loft building, as I have been told, fire escapes were not compulsory.  If, however, it was a factory building, then to comply with the law there should have been fire escapes."  Fire Chief Croker was more adamant about fire safety violations inside the building:
This calamity is just what I have been predicting.  There were no outside fire escapes on this building.  I have been advocating and agitating that fire escapes be put on building just such as this.  This large loss of life is due to this neglect.
The building did have one other means of escape, a stairwell in back of the building.  Chief Croker stated that the door to the stairway was closed.  A pile of bodies six feet high was found on the other side.  He believes that if this stairwell had been used by those trying escape the fire, the death toll would not have been nearly as high.

The owners of the company that was destroyed by the fire, the Triangle Waist Co.'s Max Blanck and Issac Harris in a statement issued to the press this morning, stated that they were still missing several relatives due to the fire, like Blanck's brother-in-law Jacob Bernstein and cousin William Selzer and Harris's niece Esther.

Veronica Stirnitzke should provide an opinion piece on the fire tomorrow.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Does Diaz really know?

According to the Bisbee Review, yesterday the cabinet to President Diaz resigned in its entirety, with the exception of Limantour. The freedom fighters have long been complaining about the lack of representation n the cabinet. Until now, the same individuals have been filling these posts for many years. The fact that the presidential cabinet understands the gravity of a situation Diaz seems to be ignoring just serves to underline the self-servedness of the Diaz state. The cabinet members understood they need to step down to please the people, and having a true love for their country and people, they did. Diaz, on the other hand, appears to be concentrating merely on his own power, not giving a single thought to the wishes of his people.

While it has long been known that the Diaz government uses extensive amounts of propaganda, in light of these current resignations, the question of how much Diaz knows must be asked. The latest case of misinformation about the conflict has arisen from an engagement in Sonora. According to an American whiteness, when federal troops assaulted a reinforced free position, they were beaten back quite harshly, and ultimately retreated. After the federals retreated, the free position was then abandoned. This of course was counted as a victory by the Diaz government. But is Diaz really aware of this event in its entirety? Or just in the reported result? Given Diaz's lack of support for ending this conflict in any way other than the sword, it leads me to believe that he is only being told the manipulated truth, and as such is not responding to reality.

To fix this, the freedom fighters need to concentrate on information management. Instead of just fighting the federals they need to be putting out newspapers, telling the people what is really going on. In the end this is what will ultimately convince the masses, as well as Diaz, that their cause is just and appropriate. Additional support from outside Mexico might even be possible given the spread of good information. As long as you let Diaz do all the talking, comrades, you will always be evil, but the moment you start participating in the conversation you will be seen for the wondrous sight you are: as true freedom loving people who love Mexico.

]Cabinet of Diaz Resigns But No Decision Is Made [The Bisbee Daily Review]

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Carnegie backs Taft's Bid for World Peace

As President Taft tries to work with Congress to push through reciprocity and arbitration agreements with Canada and Great Britain, industrialist Andrew Carnegie lent his support to the goal of world peace through arbitration in an interview published in the Washington Times this evening.  Carnegie, who shares his time between his castle in Skibo, Scotland and New York City, gave his full support to the views of Lord Admiral Charles Beresford that America and Britain could together make war between the great powers impossible.

Carnegie believes that if the U.S. and Britain, the two great English-speaker powers of the world, can overwhelmingly support an arbitration treaty than others powers will be so impressed that they will have no choice but to follow suit.  Other great powers would want to enter what Carnegie called the "brotherhood of peace."  Carnegie stated that a country like America, "where...any man's privilege is every man's right under the law," should push the concept of justice and liberty under the law toward perfection here and throughout the world.

The retired industrialist praised Admiral of the Navy George Dewey, the president of the General Board of the Navy Department, for his supported of arbitration and felt that he might one day live to see a world without war thanks to it despite Dewey's pessimism.  Carnegie also felt that right now, this country has no enemies, not even Japan.  He had been by a gentleman from Japan that his country desires friendly relations with the United States above all others.

Link: Carnegie Backing Taft's Peace Plea [The Washington Times]

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Federalist Take Over

Congress is at it again, comrades. According to today's Bisbee Daily Review, Congress is attempting to revoke rights not only of the state but of the individual. Power hungry lapdogs of the Capitalists have begun drafting laws that would change the entire way the militias work in this land. Whereas before the militia was under the command of the state it was from and could be lent to the federal government, with appropriate approval from the state government, now the president would be able to call up state militias without the consent of the state government. In essence, the federal government will be usurping the sovereignty of the states! The statist dogs in Washington claim it is necessary for national defense, that if left to our own devices, we wont help them in times of emergency. Maybe they are right! They know we won't tolerate their rule forever, so they are moving to cement their power, to remove our avenues of asserting our freedom. They would even press-gang any militia man who disagrees with this new law, requiring him to stay with the service against his will even though they are changing the rules to the game. Making him into a slave!

Originally, a militia was a beautiful example of anarchist theory in action. Minimal hierarchy internally, agreed on officers, and voluntary. Under this new set of laws, it will become just another hierarchical arm of the state. No more will it represent neighbors banding together to protect and help each other. It will be just another method of coercing compliance utilized by Capital in its attempts to gain ever increasing power!

Our militias should represent us as a people, not the wishes of a power hungry despot in Washington. As such I urge every person, band together. Speak out! Inform our overlords we will not accept this! We have to remind them that the militia is there for us. It is of us. It will always serve us. If this law goes through they are building their own power on our backs and that action is immoral, unethical, and will not be tolerated! No gods, No masters!

New Methods Needed In Dealing With Militia [The Bisbee Daily Review]

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

NY Tribune: Taft's Mexican Policy Justified

Yesterday, President Taft clarified the position of his administration with regards to the current Mexican situation and his deployment of troops along the U.S.-Mexico border.  He reiterated that he has no intentions of sending those troops across the border unless the situation on the ground in Mexico provides him with no other alternative and even then, not without the consent of Congress.  The objective of the deployment was to protect the lives and property of American citizens in Mexico.  Taft believes that the the heavy military presence along the border has had a "sobering" effect on the combatants south of the border.  As a result, he feels that Americans in Mexico are now safer from attack than they were before this month's mobilization.

He reassured the Mexican delegation that the U.S. desires peace and friendly relations with Mexico and feels that this desire has not changed as a result of the mobilization of 20,000 troops along the border in Texas and California.  While the speed of the deployment raised alarm bells in Mexico City as well as here in the United States, that was not Taft's intention.  He felt that the reports of a chaotic situation in Mexico made it imperative that the United States respond and do so quickly to prevent the loss of lives and property of American citizens.  He also felt that it was his duty as commander-in-chief to have the army and navy prepared in case Congress decides to intervene in Mexico.

As far as how long troops will remain along the border, the president provide less specific answer.  While nominally the force is expected to remain there for four months, Taft also stated that he would keep the army there for as long as there was a possibility of danger and there would be a need to enforce this country's neutrality laws.

In other news, the secretary of state for the insurrecto government and the rebel secretary of the Mexican State of Chihuaha, Gonzales Garza and Braulio Hernaudom, stated that would not lay down their arms while negotiations took place with the Diaz government.  They believe that Diaz and his finance minister, Jose Limantour, are only talking about reform because of their armed rebellion, and that before, their demands were flatly rejected.  Their comments come after Limantour gave an interview in Mexico City yesterday where he stated that he felt that the rebels demands were reasonable and that Diaz could be convinced to institute the reforms the rebels are demanding, but also stated that the insurrectos must disarm before negotiations could begin.  With this impasse, it is unlikely that the optimism expressed here and in newspapers around the country earlier this week regarding the situation in Mexico will come to fruition.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Thank You For Oppressing Us

Yesterday Mr. Roosevelt, having finished up his tour of the Arizona Territory, addressed a crowd of people regarding the prospect of Arizona Statehood. Mr. Roosevelt asserted that no one should have the right to dictate to someone else what type of government they shall have. Simply because the people of the Arizona Territory desire a form of government is all that is required to make it legitimate and appropriate to govern said people. The constitution of Arizona could and should reflect our desires, not those of any other locality. While Mr. Roosevelt may disagree personally, he was quite willing to admit that Arizona should have been granted statehood; despite all this, however, he seemed to miss the larger point.

Mr. Roosevelt spoke many times of "Rights" and of choice coming from the people, but the implication of his speech is that it only applies to the majority. What of the minority? Are their rights forfeit because they do not have the numbers necessary to impose their will on others? Furthermore, what of this idea of "Rights"? He spoke of "Rights" as if coming down on high, as if they were some magnanimous gift given to the people of Arizona by an almighty deity of light and awe. But this is not the case! Rights can only be "granted" by an oppressor. If no one gave it to you, it wouldn't be called a right, it would be called fact. Just because we are given a scrap of food from the table of those who have real power does not mean we need to thank them!

We should be remembering how they got power in the first place: through lies, through deceit, through the point of the sword. They took the world from us, and expect us to thank them for this petty trifle. No, comrades, we must not accept this bribe. The only path to true freedom available to us is to reject the entire apparatus the statists and capitalists have set up. Remove it, and replace it with an anarchist system of organization. That is the only way we will truly be free. No gods, No masters!

Roosevelt Condemns Recall As Unwise And Regrets That Arizona Has Seen Fit to Favor It [The Bisbee Daily Review]

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Peace coming this week in Mexico as US troops head to border

The New York Tribune and Washington Herald both expect good results from an upcoming conference between Mexican President Porfirio Diaz and Finance Minister Jose Limantour this week.  It is hoped that cabinet changes and promises for more reforms from the Diaz government will appease the rebels.  At these meetings Limantour will present an explanation of the rebels demands.

These meetings coincide with a pair of developments on this side of the border:

The Washington Herald reports that most of the troops currently stationed at Fort Sam Houston are now headed to the US border with Mexico.  15,000 troops, under the command of Maj. General William Carter, will begin maneuvers along the border after leaving the fort tomorrow morning.  The first detachment, thought to be the 11th Calvary, are headed west via the Southern Pacific toward El Paso.  The other troops are headed to points unknown along the Rio Grande and as far west as Arizona.  The goals of this maneuver seem to be to cut the flow of arms and ammunition to the insurrectos in Mexico.  The troops will also be monitoring the border for incursions by rebels and federals after reports that some fighting along the border had leaked to the US side. 

Of particularly concern is a danger to a bridge along the Pecos River near Viaduct, Texas, less than 10 miles from the border.  The calvary detachment is thought to be moving to act as guards for the bridge which could take as much as a year to replace if damaged by fighting between the Mexican sides.  The military will also seek to cut off supplies to the rebel base at Presidio del Norte, just across the Rio Grande from El Oro, Texas.  El Oro, Del Rio, and Marfa, a Texas town 50 miles to the north, are thought to be supply conduits between the rebels and their supporters here in the United States.

President Taft returned to Washington this afternoon after spending some vacation time in Augusta, Georgia.  Immediately upon his return, he met with Mexican Ambassador de la Berra and War Secretary Jacob Dickinson as well as delivered a message to congress on his priorities for the special session that will start on April 4.  Taft made no suggestion that U.S. troops were poised to cross the border, and he and Secretary Dickinson referred to the new troops movements as mere "maneuvers" and that they were not ready to begin operations in Mexico.  The President said that he was meeting the Mexican ambassador this afternoon but provide no details on what was discussed.  Interior Secretary Fisher, Commerce and Labor Secretary Nagel, and Army Chief of Staff Leonard Wood also met with the president today to discuss the Mexican situation.

The president also delivered a list of his priorities for next month's special session of Congress.  He expects the Canadian reciprocity bill to be treated first with prompt approval followed by a new tariff commission.  Any other acts to reform the current tariff system will be met with prompt vetos unless they come via recommendations from the commission's reports.  Democrats have scoffed at this proviso, believing the president is merely stalling action on tariff reform as such committee recommendations could take months if not years to complete.  A report on wool tariffs is not expected until December and is the only report pending.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Are the Freedom Fighters Winning?

It appears that a regime change is imminent in Mexico, comrades. The Bisbee Daily Review reported today that that the Mexican government has stopped calling the freedom fighters "Insurrectos" and is now using such terms as "disorderly peoples" and "Anarchists." Yes comrades, Anarchists! According to the Washington Times, the freedom fighters want free elections, so the government may have missed the mark in calling them anarchists, but the sentiment is good.

All this, however, seems to be hinged on Limantour's return to Mexico City. Limantour, who has the backing of powerful Capitalists in the U.S.A., is believed to be bringing a peace deal from the freedom fighters to President Diaz. Part of the train line to the Capital, however, has recently been captured by the freedom fighters, so Limantour's arrival is by no means guaranteed. If he does get through Free Mexico, I think it is safe to say he, at least, has the blessings of those controlling Free Mexico.

While any restoration of peace could be seen as a good thing, our Mexican comrades must be strong! If they acquiesce to the capitalists and begin negotiating with them, it will be a short trip back into the strong Caudillo-style government that Mexico has proven to susceptible to! Our Mexican comrades must stand firm in their convictions, remove the government, and not replace it. Do not be swayed by promises of improvements, do not believe the honey-laced lies capital whispers. The only long term solution that will bring peace is the implementation of an anarchist society, and that is what we must strive for in Mexico.

Hopes Of Mexicans Rest In Limantour, Speeding Southward To See Diaz [Bisbee Daily Review]
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Friday, March 18, 2011

National Park, Home of Baseball's Washington Nationals, Destroyed in Fire

The home of the American League's Washington Nationals, National Park, was destroyed in a fire yesterday morning.  The fire started at 11:30 am local, reducing the grand stands and other associated building to debris and ashes and spreading to a nearby lumber yard owned by the Eisinger Bros. company.  The fire comes just three weeks before the Nationals are expected to start their season at home against the Boston Red Sox.  The cost of the damage to the two properties is estimated at $25,000.

A few hours after the disaster, Thomas Noyes, the president of the Washington Nationals, announced that a new, steel structures would be constructed as soon as possible to replace the destroyed, wooden bleachers.  "Without a moment's delay, we formulated a course of action," Noyes told the Washington Herald.  "Speed was imperative, for, with a game for April 12 [opening day against Boston], and with Washington fandom depending upon us, we realized that not a moment was to be lost."

The team has hired a crew to begin work this morning to clear out the debris left by the fire.  A group of structural steel engineers from the Osborn Steel Company of Cleveland, Ohio will begin working on plans today for building new, steel grandstands and bleachers.  Actual construction work should begin within two weeks.  By opening day on April 12, it is hoped that the construction will be far enough along that temporary seats can be put in place to allow spectators to see their Washington Nationals take on the Red Sox.  American League president Ban Johnson is expected in Washington tomorrow to discuss the team's plans to quickly replace the damaged stadium.  When completed, the new stadium should be able to seat 15,000 spectators, twice the capacity of the old, wooden stadium.

While construction is underway, the Nationals, after returning from training camp in Atlanta, will likely play their exhibition games at either Union League Park, Fifteenth and H Streets northeast, or on the White Lot.  Nationals Manager Jimmy McAleer told reporters at Nationals training camp in Atlanta that he would be opposed to playing at Union League Park if the new National Park is not ready by opening day.  Instead, he would support changing the team's home games in April to road games, start the season at Boston.  He then suggested starting home games in June.  We will certainly have to see if the new stadium can be constructed in time.

Link: Steel Stands to be Erected at Ball Park [The Washington Herald]
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Link: Big Fire at Baseball Park is Talk of Nationals' Training Camp [The Washington Herald]

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Diaz plays jumprope on the border

We have long suspected that the agents of the Mexican government are no better than the freedom fighters they claim to hate, but we now have proof! According to the Bisbee Daily Review, yesterday, in the town of Andrade, California, just west of Yuma, Arizona, Mexican custom officials retreated across the frontier into American territory, fired on rebels, and then went back into Mexico. In response, Captain Babcock asked for them to be arrested, but General Bliss of the Western Division declined to do so.

What makes matters even worse is that the oppressive capitalist Diaz regime has often complained that the rebels flaunt the neutrality of American soil to the detriment of the government forces. Even if this was so, by engaging in these same dubious actions, the Diaz regime has announced to the world that this was is not about law and order as they have repeatedly said, but about control and oppression.

When the Diaz regime complained, the United States moved federals onto the border to prevent freedom fighters from crossing. But when the Mexican forces do the exact same action, the American government declines to respond! This is a clear cut example of the relationship between the two states, Master in the north and puppet in the south.

Comrades, we must resist this attempt by American Capitalists to expand their empire into Mexico! We must support the freedom fighters at all costs! Do what you must to this end and remember,
No Gods No Masters!

General Bliss States Object of the Patrol [Bisbee Daily Review]

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Diaz given three month ultimatum

[Ed. note: Roni's laptop kicked the bucket yesterday before should could write up an article.  While she attempts to procure a new computer in the next few days, I will write up short posts in her stead.]

According to this evening's Washington Times, a number of high ranking War Department officials believe that the United States will give the Diaz Government in Mexico three months to quell the insurgency in that country before U.S. troops currently stationed along the border will be ordered to "Go In."

The troops were ordered to the border last week to ease European fears that the neither the Diaz Government nor the United States will vouchsafe foreign business interests in Mexico from the depredations of the rebels.  While the U.S. was forced to back off from its naval patrols of Mexican ports earlier this week, troops continue to mass north of the border at Army bases like San Antonio's Fort Sam Houston.  The Washington Times published a pair of photos of Fort Sam Houston and one of the commanding officers there, Brig. Gen. J.W. Duncan, overseeing the construction of make-shifts camps.

This possible ultimatum comes shortly after Mexican Finance Minister Jose Limantour left New York on a return trip to Mexico.  In addition to being a potential candidate for the Vice Presidency, it is expected that Limantour may present the terms of the rebels to Diaz in an attempt to bring a quick settlement to the revolution.  In addition the two Americans captured in Juarez, just across the border from El Paso, Texas, are expected to be taken to trial on charges of sedition.  Mexican officials continue to insist that Edwin Blatt and Lawrence Converse were arrested on February 22 on Mexican soil while our State Department still believe that they were taken on American soil. The Mexicans also state that if additional Americans are captured as part of the rebel party, they will treated to same summary executions that are being given to Mexican rebels, a decision that could only inflame further the tensions between our two countries.

If American troops go in, what then?  One senator, Theodore Burton of Ohio, suggested that the U.S. could set up a protectorate in Mexico, much as it has done in Cuba.  One trigger for this action could be the capture of Chihuahua, a border state in northern Mexico by the rebels.  The U.S. could then "intervene to prevent anarchy, and will then seek to restore order, and play the part of the policeman just as it did in Cuba."

Link: Diaz is Allowed Three Months to Quell Revolution [The Washington Times]

Monday, March 14, 2011

US Narrowly Averts War with Mexico

Mexican diplomats have succeeding in getting a concession from the U.S. by having us remove our naval patrols which had been ordered by Taft along the east and west coasts of Mexico, according to report in the evening edition of the Washington Times.  These patrols were designed as part of this country's plan to cut off the supply of arms and men to the insurgents and to prop up the Diaz government.  However, the Mexican contingent in Washington has been adamant that such patrols in Mexican waters are a provocation for war and that they must be stopped in order to prevent a conflict between our two nations.  They argue that such patrols can easily be converted into blockades in "three hours' time."  If such patrols were to continue, the Diaz government would have no choice but to declare war on the United States to preserve self-respect.  They also reiterate that such intervention is unnecessary as the Diaz regime is under no threat of toppling.

The Washington Times quoted an unnamed Senator:
If, during the civil war Great Britain had planted on the Canadian border an army larger than that of the Union; and if on top of that she had placed her war vessels in all our ports--that would have been a parallel to what this country undertook to do to Mexico.  How long would war have been staved off in that case?
This negativity from Congress is not alone and the Washington Times writer expects more hostility to be expressed by both houses during the special session next month.  The most furious attacks on the President could come from those on the left in his own party, like new Minnesota Senator Miles Poindexter, who was quoted in the Washington Times:
Certainly this matter will be investigated by Congress.  I understand President Taft has given out two different statements with reference to this order, and I have no doubt inquiry will be made as to which statement is correct.  If he merely planned a maneuver, as indicated by his first statement, then he has undertaken a step to prove our unpreparedness for war, nearly as expensive as a new army.  If his last statement is correct, as now seems apparent, he has practically usurped the powers of Congress by making a demonstration that is almost equivalent to a declaration of war.  This collecting of our army on the Mexican border is without precedent.  It seems to me that the explanation lies in the great concessions Americans have from the Diaz government.  The trusts probably are afraid that if the insurrectionists are successful the new government may not respect these concessions, and, therefore, they have taken steps to see that the revolutionary party is not successful.
The White House clearly saw its position was too far advanced on this.  Patrolling Mexico's major ports on both coasts and effectively sealing the international border between our country and Mexico would not only effect the flow of arms to the rebels, but would also adversely affect normal commerce with that country and ours and other foreign interests, such as Britain, Germany, and Japan (all three of which have been implicated in a potential foreign intervention).  As such, the White House has been forced to accede to Mexico's diplomatic demands that it went too far and will be with drawing its warships from Mexican ports as soon as they have been refueled.  The commander of the army along the Mexican border, Maj. Gen. Leonard Wood has also order that no further troops would be sent on patrols along the Rio Grande.

The Washington Herald had a full report on their front page on the on-going fighting south of the border.  One example was a battle at the town of Santa Rosalia in the state of Chihuahua.  A rebel band of 256 insurgents led by Francisco Villa attacked the town but were repulsed by villagers.  The increase in the violence in Mexico in recent days is thought to be result of the order by Diaz to suspend constitutional protections for personal liberty and allowing for summary executions.

Link: Abolishing Patrol Kept Mexico from Declaring War [The Washington Times]
Link: Insurrectos Active Along the Border [The Washington Herald]

Sunday, March 13, 2011

General To Take Personal Command

In the Washington Herald today, we were treated with an explanation that Major General Leonard Wood has left Washington, D.C., in order to assume command of federal troops on the Mexican frontier. This, apparently, is not what had originally been planned. Originally, the Major General was going to direct all action from the rear and leave the day-to-day management to his underlings. This peculiar change of events, however, does make one wonder what changed to cause the Major General to take this drastic act.

In the last few days, torrential rains have hammered the primary staging camps along the Mexican border. These rains have caused the ground to transform into sludge and have slowed down the delivery of supplies necessary for the so called "maneuvers." These natural barriers to federal intervention in Mexico have had the effect of drastically lowering the morale of the troops. Apparently, it has gotten so bad that even ex-president Roosevelt, who is scheduled to visit in a few days, will be needing a retinue of guards. Now why, I ask, would an ex-president need guards in the middle of a federal army camp? Perhaps the troops have started to wake up and see the truth: that while they suffer to oppress the weak and poor, the upper echelons are living comfortable lives in the local hotels and blaring the horn of Jingo!

This is the opportunity we have been waiting for. Now is the time to educate the troops why we must resist the statists and capitalists with all our vigor. If we can educate the troops, we may just have a hope. If no one continues to follow the "orders" from the government, it will no longer matter what Washington, or any other government, says! If we can just teach these men why they must think for themselves and resist their "betters," we will be free of the capital/statist oppression once and for all.
No gods, no masters, comrades!

Maj. Gen. Wood To Take Charge Of "Maneuvers" [The Washington Herald]

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Constitution Suspended in Mexico

In a report in today's New York Tribune, the President of Mexico, Porfirio Diaz, has suspended "constitutional guarantees of personal liberty" in order to help combat Mexican rebels and filibusters from the United States.  This decree will allow Mexican troops to either shoot on sight or summarily try suspected rebels.  Foreign "adventurers" will not be exempt from this pronouncement.  Diaz has blamed the effectiveness of the rebellion, particularly in the northern state of Chihuahua, on American filibusters who have provided weapons and advice to the Maderists.  With this decree, combined with the increased American military presence along the border, the rebellion is expected to fizzle as insurrectionists take to the mountains of northern Mexico.

This decree will apply to those who threaten Mexico's economic interests.  Crimes that are subject to summary execution include: highway robbery, raiding a village or farm, train wrecking, cutting telephone or telegraph wires, pulling a spike from a railroad track, and throwing a stone at a train.

President Diaz has been in power in Mexico since 1876, bringing wealth and prosperity to the country.   Rumors have swirled for months that his health may be failing.  While his government has expressed confidence that the rebellion, begun by failed Presidential candidate Francisco Madero on November 20 of this past year, the New York Tribune today reported that changes were expected in Diaz's cabinet.  In particular, Vice President Ramon Corral, who has had failing health, is expected to step down.  Among possible candidates for his replacements is Jose Limantour, the Mexican Finance Minister who has been in New York these past few days.  However, as he expressed in an interview available in the Bisbee Daily Review, it is unlikely that he would except such a post as his position as finance minister is "most congenial" to him.  Another possible candidate for Vice President of Mexico is General Benardo Reyes, who could be acceptable to the people.

Link: Diaz Declares War of Extermination [The New York Tribune]
Link: Limantour is Angry at Hint of Disloyalty [The Bisbee Daily Review]

Solidarity with the campesinos of Mexico

Mexico is coming apart at the seams. Today, the Washington Herald stated that the United States' goal in Mexico is to now prevent the importation of supplies to the rebels and "to maintain peace in Mexico at all hazards." This stated goal, however, may be to little to late for the American Capitalists to maintain their stranglehold on Mexico. While the Diaz government only officially acknowledges parts of Chihuahua as being under the control of revolutionary forces, it is believed to be a much larger area. The Diaz govermnet seems to be falling apart and every half-bit nation with dreams of power is implicated in the destabilization. So what is really going on?

We have heard from the state department that it is absolutely necessary to prevent the importation of "contraband" into Mexico to ensure the peace. To this end, the United States Department of the Navy has mobilized 5 battleships and their auxiliaries to patrol the east coast of Mexico, while the Department of War has sent a sizable number of troops to secure the American border with Mexico and prevent importation of arms.

But the real question is whether the Diaz goverment is strong enough to use these advantages from their imperial master to regain control of the situation. The Washington Times today reported that Yvez Jose Limantour, the Mexican finance minister, is openly criticizing the Diaz goverment policies and saying they need to be revised. Wouldn't you know it, shortly after he made these statements in New York City, American financiers started saying that Diaz needs to leave the presidency and Limantour should take his place. This reeks of a position of power being bought, and to make it even worse, it was purched from American capitalists!

As if this in fighting within the Diaz government wasn't enough, new allegations in the Washington Herald insist that the current state of rebellion is being sponsored by the Japanese government. So all of a sudden, this is no longer merely a case of American capital forcing its will on the poor; now, it has become a proxy colonial war between American and Japanese capital.

What we have in Mexico is a a powder keg. No matter what is done now, the situation can only get worse. If Diaz regains control it will result in atrocities against the Mexican pessants. If Limantour takes power he will have to rule with an iron fist to solidify his rule, resulting in even worse opression. If the rebels gain the upper hand, the United States may decide to take a more "active" role and invade, and if the alligations about the Japanese are correct, they may come to the rebellion's rescue if the United States does. There seems to be little we can do in this situation. Because we as a society allow capital, this kind of power this is the result: oppression and possibly bloody atrocities for the Mexican people. To truly free ourselves and Mexico, we must first remove the capitalists! If we truly want peace we will see this situation for what is it and rise up with the Mexican rebels against our overlords. We must take on the responsibilty for the events that we as a people have allowed to get to this point. This is the only way we will ever see peace both in Mexico and at home. If this is our goal, we know what to do. Anarchy and Equality, Comrades.

Financiers Plan To Make Limantour New President [The Washington Times]
U.S. To Maintain Peace In Mexico At All Hazards  [The Washington Herald]
Mexico Rebellion Backed By Japan [The Washington Herald]

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Taft Administration Clarifies Reason for Troop Movement

The White House yesterday clarified the reason behind the movement of 20,000 troops, Marines, and naval war ships to the U.S-Mexico border and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  When the mobilization was first announced on Monday evening, the War Department stated that these movements were conducted to support war games to be performed in Galveston and San Diego.  However, many in the press refuted these claims, believing instead that this was a prelude to the U.S. intervention in the Mexican insurrection.  It now appears that this is the case, after the German embassy sent a communique to several American newspapers stating that they had informed our government that they considered the U.S. responsible for the safety of their interests in Mexico, and that if the U.S. failed to uphold the Monroe Doctrine, the German government would have no choice but to intervene.  Quoting from the front-page article in today's Washington Herald, the communique from the German embassy states:
The Government has not yet received any news that would indicate that a dangerous condition of affairs exists in Mexico.  If, however, the government receives reports showing that German interests are menaced, Germany will certainly, without the least delay, take such measures as seem necessary for the protection of German subjects in Mexico.
This statement follows similar intimations from the British foreign office, as reported in the Washington Herald two days ago.  After this statement was released, the White House backtracked on their maneuver cover story, stating that in fact the mobilization was intended to prevent filibustering and the sale of weapons to the Mexican rebels.  Taft believes that by sending troops to the border and with the flow of guns into rebel hands curtailed, the rebellion will eventually die out and preserve the Monroe Doctrine in the process.  The president made the statements while stopped at Charlottesville, Virginia, on his way south to Atlanta and Augusta for several speaking engagements and for a short vacation.  According to the Associated Press:
The United States has determined that the revolution in the republic to the south must end.  The American troops have been sent to form a solid military wall along the Rio Grande to stop filibustering and to see that there is no further smuggling of arms and men across the international boundary.  It is believed that with this source of contraband supplies cut off, the insurrectionary movement which has disturbed conditions generally for nearly a year without accomplishing anything like the formation of a responsible independent government, will speedily come to a close...The Washington government unexpectedly found itself confronted by the necessity of throwing an army along the border line of Mexico to stop the source of supply of the revolutionists and to be in a position to invade Mexico at a moment's notice in the event of the death of President Diaz or an other untoward circumstance which might cause general fighting or rioting.
While Taft has stated that an invasion of Mexico would only occur as a last resort, recent reports late today from Mexico have made it clear that intervention by the U.S. is not welcomed and that such action, the crossing of the Rio Grande, would be considered an act of war.  Mexican Ambassador de la Berra stated that the government in Mexico City can take of itself and that his government would never entertain the notion of having U.S. troops on Mexican soil.  They are however not against a cordon being implemented, on American soil, to prevent the flow of weapons to insurrectionists.  Finally, the Ambassador and Mexican finance minister (in New York) Jose Limantour both denied reports that President Porfirio Díaz was near death and that the government was at no risk of tottering.

One Hundred Year Old News will have more on this developing story tomorrow with another editorial from Veronica Stirnitzke.

Link: Europe Made United States Guard Mexico [The Washington Herald]
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The preservation of whos rights?

In the wake of the largest mobilization of American troops in peace time to the Mexican frontier, the Washington Times is reporting that the U.S. Army's mission is to "Protect Rights." This obviously propagandic piece of fiction, however, fails to answer the question of whose rights. At the end of the article entitled Intervention to Protect Rights Army's Mission, it is plainly stated that the mission of the Army would be "the protection of American and foreign property and the preservation of the Monroe Doctrine." Comrades, open your eyes! They just told us what we have all grown to suspect. They will uphold property rights, but for who? Most property in Mexico is owned by the upper echelons of society, the very people who have used and abused the Mexican workers and pushed them to this point. So the United States government would offically be supporting the Mexican rich at the expense of the Mexican poor! They would see the wealthy with everything and the poor campesinos starve in the field. If our own government is willing to do this to other people is it really such a leap to see that they are doing it to us?

To top off this heap of opressive govermental bile is the federal government's insistance on upholding the Monroe Doctrine. By upholding the Monroe Doctrine, the United States government is openly reaffirming their imperalist ambitions, ambitions that benefit the wealthy few who can afford govermental "assistance" in resolving their foreign disputes. Assistance that utilizes govermental resources for private profit and to exert the Capitalists' control over free people.

This cannot stand! These two facts perfectly highlight how interdependent the mechanisms of the state and the Capitalists are. How the State exists to support the needs of the Wealthy, at the expense of the poor, and vise versa. This simple statement of purpose of the Federal Army manifests all that is wrong with our society, and its inherent opression. You can't hide from it any more, comrades. They told you in so many words. Now you must learn to deal with this new knowledge you have gleaned, to see your world for what it really is: a festering pile of mud where a wealthy few exert control over the rest. But it doesn't have to be this way. Look at the people in Mexico. I personally am proud of the Mexican people. Rise up, comrades! Rise up against your oppressors! Show us how to free ourselves from our technocratic masters and usher in a society that benefits us all. A society of Anarchy and Equality!

Intervention To Protect Rights Army's Mission [The Washington Times]

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

US Troops to be sent to the Mexican Border

The big story in all the major newspapers around the country this Wednesday morning is the report that nearly two-thirds of the U.S. Army, 20,000 men, is now on its way to the U.S.-Mexico border.  Meanwhile, two naval fleets and 2,000 marines (nearly all those stationed along the Atlantic seaboard) have been ordered to rendezvous at the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  These actions come after an afternoon of meetings at the White House yesterday and furious late night telegrams from both the War and Navy departments in Washington.  According to the Washington Herald, this is the largest mobilization of troops in peacetime and the largest overall in 13 years during the Spanish conflict.  The 20,000 troops are expected to ship out to San Diego, San Antonio, and Galveston and arrive at these bases in the next few days.  The War Department and the White House last night issued the following joint statement:
The Department is mobilizing a division of full strength at San Antonio, Tex., for the purpose of field training of officers and men and for the further purpose of holding maneuvers involving possible operations against Galveston.  There will be assembled at Galveston a force of three regiments for the defense of that place against possible attack by the navy.  On the Pacific coast the mobilization will involve a brigade of infantry in the Los Angeles district for the purpose of defending San Diego and San Pedro against possible attack by the navy.  The mobilization of these troops will furnish an excellent opportunity for the instruction of a number of senior officers in the elements of higher command.  It will also put to practical test the preparedness of the staff departments for the mobilization of troops.

Maj. Gen. William H. Carter will command the provisional division.  The brigades at San Antonio will be commanded by Brig. Gen. M. P. Maus, F. A. Smith, and Ralph W. Hoyt.  The troops at Galveston will be under the command of Brig. Gen. A. L. Mills and the troops in the Los Angeles district will be commanded by Brig. Gen. Tasker H. Bliss.
Despite this statement by the War Department, reports in newspapers like the Washington Herald cast doubt on the story.  For an exercise, this is quite large, being the largest troop mobilization in peacetime.  Usually such maneuvers are smaller and take place during the summer when the national guard can also be utilized from the states.  They also take place after the start of the fiscal year in July, when sufficient funds are in place to cover the exercises.  In this case, there is limited funding for war games in the army and navy budgets.  Finally, soldiers will be carrying typical wartime kits, including live ammunition, which would not be used during war games.

The Herald has concluded, as have citizens near the border and in foreign offices in Europe (according to the Herald), that these actions by the Taft Administration can only indicate that the U.S. may be preparing to intervene in the escalating insurrection in Mexico.  The Herald reported today that Britain has threatened to use force to protect their interests in Mexico, most importantly the Tehuantepec National Railway that cuts across the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and the Pierson syndicate in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.  Guantanamo Bay is the closest U.S. naval base to the northern terminus of the national railroad at Porto Mexico.  This railroad is currently the best way to transfer goods between the Pacific and Atlantic basins if the intention is to bypass the southern tip of South America until canal in Panama is opened in three years.  U.S. intervention in Mexico may be necessary to preserve the Monroe Doctrine in what could be the biggest test of the 90 year old policy since the Civil War.

Through out the week, we shall have more coverage on this breaking news event.

Link: Intervention by United States in Mexico Seen [The Washingon Herald]

Monday, March 7, 2011

Were they really anarchists?

In the Washington Herald today announced that an anarchist group planing to kill Mayor Pratt was captured by the Spokane police. While I admire their zeal for obtaining freedom I can not accept these men as being true Anarchists. The police are obviously attaching an anarchist slant to this arrest to attempt to convince the people that anarchism is dangerous and negative. This is not the case comrades!

 The men described in the article seem to be bungling fools, following a self appointed "leader". The fact that they were caught by blabbing loud enough to be heard through a boarding house wall just goes to show how disorganization and inexperienced they really were. On top of all that the way the "leader" described him self as being "high up in anarchist circles" smacks of an outsider who doesn't really understand our ways. By ascribing hierarchy onto any anarchist organization this individual exposed him self for the fraud he really is. I would venture to guess that these poor individuals who followed this "leader" were well meaning uneducated anarchists who need taught how to not only be safe but also spread the word effectively.

Even if these men were anarchists bent on liberating us from this tyrannical mayor how can we judge them poorly? We have been kept down all of our lives, so it seems only natural that we should fight back against our oppressors. I wish it wasn't necessary to fight, but until these despots learn the wonder that is anarchism I fear we will have to be ready for the confrontation. But please comrades, be safe, make sure you know your surroundings, and who you are working with. We can not afford blind trust any more. We must be ever vigilant, for the stateist pigs are always watching us.
Until next time,
Anarchy and Equality Comrades

Plot to kill Taft leads to arrests [The Washington Herald]

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Canadians still hopeful for Reciprocity

A day after the end of the 61st Congress here in the United States, Canadians were still hopeful that the trade agreement between the two countries will still pass, both in their legislature in Ottawa and in the coming special session of the new, 62nd Congress in Washington.  However, there is a split of opinion in Canada over the reciprocity measure, with farmer strongly in support, while some manufacturers are pushing just as strongly against.  Farmers have been the major force behind the free trade bill for decades as they seek access to the much larger US market as well as cheaper American farm machinery.  The head of the Canadian Council of Agriculture, James Bower, even argued that the Manufacturer's Association has been feeding local papers misinformation regarding this important bill and fomenting dissent to the bill in Parliament.  Conservatives in Parliament and the Manufacturers in the country, who would lose out due to an influx of cheaper American products, have even gone as far as suggesting the insane notion that reciprocity and close economic ties with us would result in the US eventually annexing Canada.  From Bower:
"Sitting in the gallery of Parliament daily watching the conduct and hearing the words of the members, the question is constantly forcing itself on my mind, What effect would a law allowing of their recall have on these members?  To me one thing is sure...a demand for recall would be very quickly would be made to those who, in defiance of their constituents' wishes, are answering to the beck and call of protected interests."
Premier Wilfrid Laurier is expected to speak in front of parliament tomorrow on this matter, and it will be interesting, as the New York Tribune has noted, to see how he addresses the protectionist opposition to reciprocity. 

The Canadian Reciprocity Bill is expected to be taken up again when Congress enters a special session on April 4.  Many Canadian politicians are in wait-and-see mode with respect to our Congress's actions on this treaty.  With the House entering Democrat hands, it is not known if incoming House Speaker, Champ Clarke, will endorse the measure, or replace it with something more radical.  From the Canadian perspective, there is a deadline for the measure, as it may need to be passed before the Canadian prime minister leaves for London in June for King George V's coronation in London.

Link: Reciprocity Hopes in Canada Run High [The New York Tribune]

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Shell Game of Freedom

Yesterday afternoon, the Senate of the United States of America voted down the constitution of Arizona. This was shortly after a measure to couple the two purposed state constitutions into a single bill and, as a result, the New Mexico proposed state constitution was also voted down. Immediately after this, however, according to the Bisbee Daily review, it was stated that the problem was not with the New Mexico constitution, but rather with the provision that the people of the Arizona territory have put into their constitution granting themselves the power to recall the corrupt judges who only serve as puppets of the wealthy. This cannot stand!

This is just another example of the powers that conspire against the sovereign peoples of Arizona. This makes both the Legislature and the Executive that are against us. These two powerhouses are doing everything in their power to prevent the people from obtaining any modicum of power, any real control over their daily lives. They know that if we get a taste for true freedom, their faux freedom will never satisfy us again. But that is the nature of the game. That is what this is, after all: a polite game the rich made up to keep us busy. Well no more comrades!

We need not play by their rules! If we want to have control over our lives, we must take it! No more should we ask Congress, or the President, or any other being for it! WE MUST TAKE IT! Instead of writing constitutions and sending representatives to grovel at the feet of rich easterners, we should be organizing. We should be working together, solving the problems in our daily life and bettering our society. We have no need for a government, so let the rich keep their little parlor game. We will get along better with out them or any other state than we ever could have with them. We will be the true winners.
Anarchy and Equality, Comrades.

Owen filibuster does New Mexico no harm and is of no benefit to Arizona, as Taft still has control. [Bisbee Daily Review]

Friday, March 4, 2011

Final Day for the 61st Congress

Congress today is quickly trying to finish up the current session, the last one of the 61st Congress.  Yesterday, the Senate passed a several appropriation bills, though some not without controversy.  In the General Deficiency Appropriation Bill, $25,000 were assigned to the Senator Lorimer personally for his defense in the recent corruption case.  When the item was read out by the Senate clerk, democrats on the Appropriations Committee immediately became indignant at not knowing that it was in the bill.  Senator Lorimer rose to say that he didn't ask for the money and asked that it be stricken from the bill.

Despite the magnanimous gesture, Senators Culberson, Overman, Martin, and Clarke rose to object further about the appropriation, claiming that the appropriation was planted in the bill to give Lorimer an opportunity to look good by rejecting it and that they had never seen the item in the bill before.  After a lecture by Senator Overman on how to handle appropriation bills, Lorimer's motion was approved unanimously.

In other legislative news, the tariff commission bill looks poised to pass after Democrats in the Senate agreed to back down if the Canadian trade bill were to go down in defeat.  The Canadian Trade Reciprocity Bill had been a major foreign policy measure for the Taft Administration, which would reduce the cost of US goods coming into Canada and would help to reduce standard of living costs in the US.  The tariff commission would be a regulatory body overseeing the tariff rate, which has often been a point of contention in Washington over the last century.  Another measure Congress will take a look at will be New Mexico and Arizona statehood.

With those bills to be taken up by Congress today, the 61st Congress will finish up its work on Capitol Hill.  The 62nd Congress could get started as early as March 15 with a special session.

Link: Scheme to Pay Senator Lorimer Sum of $25,000 [The Washington Herald]
Link: Reciprocity Bill Only is Doomed in Upper House [The Washington Herald]
Link: Special Message on Canadian Reciprocity []

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Celebrating 75 Years of Statist Oppression

75 years ago today, the state of Texas declared its independence from Mexico. Apparently, this is quite a grand affair for Texans and is being celebrated as such. This is no cause for celebration, however. All that happened 75 years ago was a change in how oppression worked.

The Bisbee Daily Review went into great detail today, describing the celebrations that were taking place, and outlining facts from Texan history in some misguided attempt to impress upon us how "important" this event was. Resist the heady appeal of statist rhetoric, comrades! These events are merely a changing of the guard. Despite there being only 40,000 people of Anglo-Saxon blood in the entire territory, the whole of the governmental apparatus was represented by them. In addition, slaves were not only kept, but could not be freed with out the consent of the state. These are not the actions of a group wanting freedom. These are the actions of the wealthy minority, manipulating events to better serve themselves!

Underlining this desire of the wealthy to maintain their position is the fact that this rebellion wouldn't have even happened if Mexico hadn't outlawed slavery 12 years earlier. The Mexican caudillo tried to at least throw the masses a crumb of decency, but the wealthy of the state could not accept that. They would have had no reason to rebel, but when their own private fortunes were in jeopardy, they decided to rebel to maintain their morally reprehensible ways. That is when they chose to act, and instead of using their energies and fortunes for the betterment of society, they chose to allow the state to get by on minimal funding and the good will of the "patriots" they had conned into playing the game their own way. They sold out the rest of the individuals living in the territory to make a little more money.

We must be wary of verbal tripe these statists spew, comrades! Never forget we don't need the Sam Houstons of the world. We can free ourselves from their oppression, and must at all costs resist the glittering chains they would gird us in. No Gods and No Masters!

Texas Diamond Jubilee is Observed [Bisbee Daily Review]

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lorimer Passes Key Senate Vote

Yesterday afternoon, the United States Senate voted against the resolution by Indiana Senator Albert Beveridge to unseat Republican Illinois Senator William Lorimer, 40-46.  The vote was the result of a senate investigation into Lorimer's protracted election by the Illinois legislature in 1909.  Four legislators were accused accepting bribes from three other legislators in return for their votes for Lorimer.  However, Lorimer, a powerful Chicago politican, has denied all knowledge of corruption in his election.  In addition, according to an account of a speech on the Senate floor by Senator Simmons of North Carolina in yesterday's evening edition of the Washington Times, three of the four men who provided testimony in the case received immunity from prosecution in exchange for their testimony and another sold his story to the press.  Despite the arguments put forth by outgoing Senator Beveridge and a war of competing telegrams brought by pro- and anti-Lorimer senators, the majority of the Senate agreed with this assessment and permitted Lorimer to keep his seat.

This vote comes just two days after the Senate failed to pass a constitutional amendment, which would have have changed the way we elect senators.  Rather than senators being elected by state legislators, the amendment would allow for the direct election of senators by the electorate.  Several western states already to do this effectively.  However, despite support from many western senators, enough southern and New England senators voted against it for the measure to fail by four votes from the 2/3rds super-majority needed to pass it.

With these votes, we are now only two days away from the end of the current session as well as the current congress.  Several big votes remain including possible bills to bring Arizona and New Mexico into the Union (the only remaining territories in the contiguous United States), tariff reform, and Canadian reciprocity.  But with the Lorimer vote out of the way, hopefully at least some of the storm clouds have lifted from the gloom that had covered the Senate in recent days.

Link: Senate Vindicates Lorimer by 46 to 40 [The Washington Times]
Link: Popular Vote Measure Loses by Four "Nays" [The Bisbee Daily Review]

Morning Edition: March 2, 1911

Here's a quick snapshot of the headlines from today's morning papers:

The Bisbee Daily Review: Former Nicaraguan President Zelaya Waxes Warm in Roast of President [Denounces Taft as Tyrant and Oppressor]; Idaho Senator Heyburn Stirs Up Friends of Forest Policy; Defective Gun Steel is Blamed for Slaughter; Arizona must wait until the next regular session of Congress

The Washington Herald: Pope Confers High Honors on Father Russell; Lorimer Retains Seat by a Margin of Only Six Votes; Robin Abandons Insanity Defense; Cunard Liners May Abandon New York; Endurance Test by Progressives Retards Senate

The New York Tribune: Robin Pleads Guilt, Sentence Deferred; New York May Lose Biggest Ships; Special Session of Congress not to be Delayed; Lorimer Wins Fight to Retain Seat; Mr. Beveridge Hazed

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Imperialist Taft!

Comrades I am shocked at Taft's imperialist abuses against our determination! The people of the great territory of Arizona have spoken. We drafted a constitution that gave us true authority over our government. The people demand the authority to remove corrupt judges from office. But that Imperialist Taft want's to keep as much power as possible out of our hands. If we won't agree to his pithy requirement of not possessing recall power via the legislature, he won't share power with us at all! According to today's Washington Herald even our representatives in Washington D.C. are losing hope that the will of the people of Arizona will over come. I can only hope that once the President reads our constitution and understands this document represents our sovereign will that he will relent, but only time will tell.

Gloom Surrounds Arizona Delegates [The Washington Herald]

Morning Edition: March 1, 1911

Here's a quick snapshot of the headlines from today's morning papers:

Bisbee Daily Review: Taft Affable, But Does Not Encourage Arizona; Naco [Mexican border town] ordered to surrender or fight 10 A.M.; Lorimer vote today, expected to vindicate; Popular vote [of US Senators] Measure Loses by Four "Nays"

The Washington Herald: Naval Officer, closely watched, may be a leper; Spain and Vatican ready to break; Senate deadlock is ended after thirty hours; [Congress] Will Not Annul Russian Treaty to help Jews; Chicago [mayoral] primary sets new record

The New York Tribune: Compromise Ends Senate Deadlock; Paid Commission for Schools, Mayor's Plan; Robin to Plead Guilty Today, It is Said

Welcome to One Hundred Year Old News!

Thanks for finding One Hundred Year Old News!  So what is this glorious fantastic blog and why in the world should you waste your time reading our posts?  Well, first I should explain what we are all about.  This is a news and analysis blog, much like Politico,, and the Huffington Post.  We will discuss the news of the day and offer our opinion of those events.  However, unlike those lame websites, we will not be discussion TODAY's news.  That's just silly.

Instead Veronica Stirnitzke and I, Jason Perry, will talk about the news as it happened 100 years ago.  So for example, Veronica (Roni) Stirnitzke today will write a post talking about a news item in the papers on March 1, 1911.  We will discuss these events as they unfold.  We will try not to taint what we write with knowledge of how events turn out.  For example, a major story in our first week of operations will be the ethics investigation of William Lorimer, a US senator from Illinois who was accused of bribing state assemblymen in order to secure his election to the Senate.  He eventually is found guilty, but not for another two years.  After all, when other news blogs write about current events, they do so with the same lack of foreknowledge.  The two of us feel that presenting history this way will provide a better connection with the internet-reading public.

Our source for this work is the fantastic website, Chronicling America, published by the Library of Congress.  The site stores scanned copies of tens of newspapers from 1860 to 1922.  For this exercise, we will using only a few of those papers, in this case a local paper from here in Southern Arizona, the Bisbee Daily Review, two Washington papers (the Washington Herald and the Washington Times), and a New York City paper, the New York Tribune.  These papers should allow us to cover a variety of topics from local issues like the path to Arizona statehood, which finally takes place in February 1912, national politics during the run up to the contentious 1912 elections, and international news like the Mexican Revolution, the Italian-Turkish War, and the "calm" years leading up to World War I.

In addition to talking about the news, we will be offering our opinion.  We will do our best to present the arguments that we ongoing at the time.  For example, I will be presenting the news as a supporter of President Taft (read: conservative Republican) would see it.  So expect stories that make ex-President Roosevelt look bad...  From Roni, expect a very different perspective as she looks at events from a more progressive, nay, anarchist point-of-view.  This should make discussions of the upcoming 1912 election and this, the height of the progressive era, more interesting.  If you should find parallels with politics of the present, those are entire coincidental and intentional.

Please note that while we will try to present arguments from points-of-view that would be familiar with those living in the 1910s, we (or at least I) will not be making an attempt to replicate the language of the day.  Sorry, I can only go so far in transporting myself to 1911.

I hope everyone comes back each day for a brand new post and comes back later today for Roni's first post.