Friday, June 24, 2011

Arizona Delegate Cameron Asks Senate to Remove Recall

Arizona's Delegate to the U.S. Congress, Ralph Cameron, asked the Senate Committee on Territories to remove the provision allowing for the recall of judges from the proposed Arizona State Constitution.  The article giving voters the ability to recall judges has been opposed by the Taft Administration and by Conservatives in Congress.  Taft has already promised to veto any Arizona constitution with recall included.  With Arizonans wishing to be admitted to the brotherhood of states, Cameron told the Senate Committee that voters in his state would be willing to drop to recall provision.

It looks like that despite Cameron's plea, the Committee will submit the constitution's in modified form to the voters of New Mexico and Arizona, however, committee member Knute Nelson (R-Minn.) did note that Arizona's constitution lacked many of the legal protections for Latino citizens and residents that are contained within the New Mexico constitution and that Arizona sought to disenfranchise them.  Still the move would put Arizona one step closer to statehood.

During the hearing, there was a clash between Cameron and his predecessor, Mark Smith.  Cameron stated that Smith had "cast reflection" on his bid for Arizona statehood, but he had "pursued the only course open to [him]."

Link: Cameron Asks That Recall Be Eliminated in New State [The Bisbee Daily Review]

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