Sunday, June 5, 2011


According to the Washington Herald yesterday a man was arrested on charges of White Slavery. It appears that Fleming Bowers was arrested after bringing his 17 year old wife to Washington D.C. and than leaving her in a boarding house which may have been a brothel as well. When she learned of this she apparently broke down crying and insisted the police be called. But the real question is how is this any different from any other marriage?

All marriages are a form of slavery. The man is legally superior and socially is invested with far more rights and control than the women. This creates an uneven relationship that is coercive in it's very nature, resulting in the man being the master and the women being the slave. So why should we be so surprised to hear that a man took the next logical step and chose a way to put his wife to work for him?

This form of relationship is the start of many of societies woes. It is only by forming truly equal relationship that we can raise children who think of all people as equals. We must work on creating relationship that are a joining of willing equals. Of two people coming together because they want to, where no person is above anyone else. Only than will we see all parties in a marriage happy and productive. It is only than we will see a society formed from the bottom up that has no Gods and no Masters.

Nabbed On Charge Of White Slavery [The Washington Herald]

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