Friday, June 3, 2011

Hand and Glove

The hand in glove relationship between the capitalists and the government has been made blatantly clear today. According to the Bisbee Daily Review Elbert Gary of the U.S. Steal Trust recently testified in public saying that the Office of the President approved the acquisition of Tennessee Coal and Iron by U.S. Steal in a move to ensure the survival of economy. By approving of this acquisition President Roosevelt made it blatantly clear that the well being of the capitalists, those who would lose most in a market crash, is more important than so called fair competition. More over by ensuring the survival of a strong pro-capitalist economy Roosevelt was ensuring that there was no chance of a socialist revolution during the difficult times that might have happened.

Mr. Gary went on to make some interesting pro-socialist comments about how all production needs to be controlled by the government. While on the surface this might appear to be good for the workers cause nothing could be further from the truth. What Mr. Gary is purposing is not a true socialist revolution. He want production to be controlled by the present capitalist government. This would if anything make life more difficult for the workers. The halls of government require the availability of copious amounts of wealth. This is how one gets into government. Even if a poor person was to attempt to gain access their campaign and ultimate success would be financed by a capitalist, meaning they would be compromised. This is the problem with government. This is why while there is a state there can be no true workers revolution.

To this end comrades I urge you to resist the "socialists" such as Gary and instead focus on bringing anarchism. For it is through anarchism that our true freedom will develop. It is through anarchism that true socialism will flow. It is through anarchism that we build a better world, one devoid of Gods and Masters!

Sensational Roosevelt Exposure By Gary [Bisbee Daily Review]

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