Sunday, June 12, 2011

Movie of George V's Coronation Coming to New York

There is a report in today's New York Tribune suggesting that filmgoers in New York City and Chicago will be able to watch the coronation of Great Britain's King George V not long after the event itself on June 22 at Westminster Abbey in London.  George V became king-emperor last May when his father, King Edward VI, passed away so the coronation is largely ceremonial.  The event however will still be well attended by the people of Great Britain and by dignitaries from around the world.  The moving pictures of the event will receive a speedy processing onboard a train, with early footage being shipped over to Paris so that it can play there by 9 P.M. the same day.  Footage from the rest of the ceremony and related events are expected to play in London that evening as well, while other European cities should have the moving picture within three days.

Here in America, the film of the coronation will be put onboard the swiftest steamers and trains so that Americans will be able to witness the spectacle of a British coronation without having to be there very shortly after the .  The last coronation, of Edward VII in August 1902 was the first to be photographed let alone filmed, but the movie technology of even just nine years was quite primitive compared to the direct color cinematograph that will be used in three days time.

We will have full coverage of the coronation of George V next week.

Link: Coronation in New York [The New York Tribune]

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