Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Love And The Law

What is love? How does it relate to marriage? In the Washington Herald today a notice was put out that 1500 marriages performed under William Stacey were in fact illegal. This court ruling seems to stem from a charge of Stacey marrying a 24 year old man to a 15 year old girl against her parents wishes. While that act is despicable it does raise some interesting questions. Such as just what business is it of the state to be involved in marriage?

Comrades marriage is an agreement between individuals, usually those in love. There is no reason the state needs be involved! All the state does is tax you for the "privilege" of being with the one you love so long as it falls with in their definition of love. Comrades it is no ones business other than those in the marriage, man or women, white or black, rich or poor. None of it matters, all that matters is that they want to be together. So why do you continue to allow the capitalist state to dictate to you your own relationship? Instead comrades know your own life, and talk with the one you love, for it is there that the marriage happens, not in a court house. Remember, allow No Gods Nor Masters control over your relationship, keep that control safe within your treasured love.

Weddings Ruled To Be Illegal [The Washington Herald]

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