Monday, June 20, 2011

Tafts Celebrate Silver Anniversary

Sunday evening, more than 7,000 guests attended a White House event celebrating the 25th wedding anniversary of President and Mrs. Taft.  This morning's edition of the Washington Herald proclaimed the gala as the "Greatest Social Function in Washington's History."  The attendance figure of the party was certainly greater than any event at the White House in many years.  The celebration was also noted for its abundant use of artificial lighting from a great number of incandescent light bulbs.

President William H. Taft and Mrs. Helen Herron Taft were married on June 19, 1886 in Cincinnati.  Their 25 years of marriage have produced 3 children: Robert, Helen, and Charles.

A highlight of the feast was a reception line that queued up before 9 o'clock.  Despite the rigors of organizing the anniversary party, President and Mrs. Taft seemed enthused the entire night, despite the two hour line.  The was especially astonishing for Mrs. Taft, who had been ill in recent months.  There were many notables among the guests, including representatives of Presidential families back to the Lincolns.  Former President Roosevelt could not attend, but his double, Robert Crain, was.  "When did you get here?" asked the President before realizing his mistake.  The President's aunt Delia Torrey was also in attendance, escorted by Robert Taft.  Like the President and the First Lady, she was also seen to be full of energy throughout the event, despite her age.  It took the combined efforts of the First Children, Robert, Charley, and Helen, to keep the First Aunt out of trouble.

Also in attendance to the anniversary gala were ambassadors from many nations.  Noted in the Herald were ambassadors from France, Germany, Italy, and Great Britain.

Link: Greatest Social Function in Washington's History Celebrates Taft Anniversary [The Washington Herald]

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