Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What Is Revolution?

Diaz is finally gone, but his perverted minions remain. According to the Bisbee Daily Review, Diaz set sail for Europe yesterday. Supposedly, he was greeted by fanfare and cheers from those on ship when he boarded. His removal from Mexico, however, does not mean Mexico is free. So far, only 4 states have been turned over to their new governors under the Madero Regime. The remaining are filled with officials who say they have not yet received "Official Orders" to turn over their states, and as such, they will not do so. This means that huge swaths of Mexico are still under control by a military still loyal to Diaz!

Comrades in Mexico, please hear me. Diaz was not the largest problem you had. He was only the figurehead to a corrupt capitalist state. The real problem lies with the petty capitalists: those who would sell out their own people for a little power, such as those in the Diaz-loyal army. It is these individuals you must remove. It is these individuals who are truly standing in the way of a free Mexico. It is these individuals who are truly class traitors.

Comrades, Madero can do nothing to make you freer. If anything, following him is a step backwards. If you truly want to be free and equal, you must throw off leaders and live in a state of anarchist bliss. This is the only way. By removing those Diaz-loyal governors and troops, you are one step closer, but that isn't the end. You must remove Madero as well. You must remove anyone who would claim the right to lead you and force you to comply with their dictates. For you see, comrades, revolution is a state of mind, not a state of nature. By refusing to submit to those who would force you to do anything, you are living in a state of revolution. Through revolution you make yourself truly free, and you create a world of No Gods and No Masters.

Diaz Sounds Warning Note [Bisbee Daily Review]

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