Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Severe Earthquake Strikes Mexico City

Tragedy struck Mexico City yesterday morning as a major earthquake shoot the Mexican capital.  According to the article in today's Washington Herald, at least 166 people have been killed, many of them soldiers and women who were within a barracks that collapsed in the suburb of San Cosme.

The quake struck at 4:28am local time and aftershocks continued to be felt up to 6am, though more are expected throughout the day and into the night.  The initial jolt is reported to have only last a few seconds, shorter than the tremor that devastated San Francisco five years ago.  Thousands of people in the capital are reported to have fled, include many insurrectos who were in town to see the arrival of former rebel leader Francisco I. Madero.  In another suburb of the capital, Huipulco, a church collapsed killing five and injuring dozens more while parishioners were attending an early morning mass.  Despite the omen, many more thousands attended special masses yesterday evening, praying that God will forgive them for the recent internal disruptions in the country.  Many people in the country, particularly supporters of the recently deposed President, Porfirio Diaz, believe the earthquake was "divine retribution" for the rebellion.
It is the judgement of God for driving out Diaz.  Beware lest a greater visitation comes!  Beware!
The panic was made worse by the early hour of the quake.  Shortly after the first shock, thousands of people, still dressed for bed, filled into the streets, making it difficult to move around.  This lack of space to move about made the panic even worse and people began to fight and struggle with each other.  Witness reported the quake to have a undulating motion, not unlike being "on board a ship in a mighty ocean swell," according to the Washington Times.

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