Saturday, June 11, 2011

Perversion of the Revolution

The peoples revolution in Mexico is dead. According to the Washington Herald Madero and Reyes, both leaders in the revolution, have been arguing about who should be in charge until elections can be held. Both want to be provisional president, but it appears that Madero will be, as he has the backing of 30,000 troops while Reyes only has 11,000. Madero however has made a "generous" offer and suggested that if Reyes retracts his candidacy for president he might become secretary of war.

Apparently after the revolution nothing has changed. The same self serving capitalist scum is still in charge. The decisions are still being made the same way, in back door deals enforced with armed troops. The result is the same, an oppressed people. Comrades we must not stand for this! The revolution was started with such high hopes. With ideals such as equality for all Mexicans, a fair share for everyone, and the average person truly having some control over their own life. This however is not what has happened. These so called "leaders" usurped the peoples revolution, and in the process have dishonored and perverted all that was fought for. Comrades we must remember this! This is what happens with government. No government can ever be truly free, they all use force against their own people and result in the same self serving capitalists in charge. The only way to combat this is to do away with government entirely! That is the only way to ensure that all people are free, that all people get a fair share, that all people are truly equal. Remember this travesty comrades, and when the time comes, ask your self how shale you build a world of Anarchy and Equality?

Reyes Is Offered Secretary's Post

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