Monday, May 23, 2011

Diaz Expected To Resign Tomorrow

The latest news from Mexico suggests that President Porfirio Diaz will resign tomorrow, assuming that rebel leader Francisco I. Madero accepts the slate of cabinet officers submitted by incoming President de la Berra.  As soon as he receives word from Judge Carbajal that Madero has accepted the appointments, it is expected that Diaz will submit his resignation to the chamber of deputies.  Upon his resignation, it is likely that Diaz will travel to Europe for at least a few months onboard a French liner.

However, the transition from Diaz to Madero may not be smooth.  Reports from Mexico City suggest that members of the Cientifico ruling party could attempt to disrupt the transition period with a revolution of their own, but it is not known if they are planning an armed rebellion like Madero's.  While the people in the capital are not jumping for joy over the end of Diaz's reign, there are expressions of approval and relief that the war that has cost the country millions of pesos is finally at an end.  Given the country's exhaustion for conflict, it is unlikely that the Cientifico's will find a sympathetic following who would wish to prolong the Civil War.  It is expected then that the Cientifico's activities will be limited to vigorous politicking.

In the midst of all this have been new allegations by the Chinese government of atrocities committed by the rebels against Chinese immigrants in the town of Torreon, Coahulia.  As many as 206 Chinese and Japanese migrants were killed in the town during the rebel occupation.  It is not known if the rebel commanders simply lost control of their subordinates or whether the soldiers were deliberately let loose on the defenseless community.  What is known is that a number of rebels and a mob from the town committed a race riot against many of the leading Chinese businessmen, shooting and stabbing them without mercy.  In addition to the Asians killed, one German, 12 Spaniards, and several Americans lost their lives during the riot.

Link: Diaz Resigns Tomorrow; Will Leave For Europe [The Bisbee Daily Review]

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