Sunday, May 29, 2011

Train Wreck in Nebraska Kills Twelve

A wreck along the Burlington railroad occurred early today, killing twelve and injuring many of the remaining passengers. Considering the state of some of those injured, it is likely that the death toll will rise. Among the victims include members of the Omaha and Denver minor league baseball teams, though none were killed. The wreck also caused the steam pipes in several cars to burst, badly scalding many passengers.

The wreck occurred two miles west of Indianola, Nebraska. Passenger train #12, eastbound, was supposed to stop at Redwood to take on some siding, but it kept traveling east. It collided into the westbound #9 train, which was traveling at fifty miles per hour. The engine crews of both trains were killed instantly.

The Burlington company, from their corporate offices in Lincoln, Nebraska, released the eight of the names of the dead yesterday:
A.A. Hissabeck, Holdrege, Neb.; Robert Shepherd, traveling salesman, Holdrege, Neb.; Engineer John H. Hyder, of No. 12 and his fireman, W. J. Dameron, both of Lincoln; Engineer W. T. Lahey and his fireman, A. J. Olsen, both of Lincoln; Express Messenger Fraser, and Express Messenger Friar.
Link: Twelve Killed in Burlington Wreck, and Many Injured [The Washington Times]

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