Thursday, May 5, 2011

Madero Demands the Unconditional Resignation of Diaz

The rebel provisional president in Mexico, Francisco I. Madero, has demanded that Porfirio Diaz resign as a condition of peace during negotiations in Washington. While Madero is invested outside Ciudad Juarez, he submitted his demand to his envoys in the nation's capital who then gave it to the federal negotiator, Judge Carbajal. In it, he appealed to Diaz to make public his intention to resign as he had assured Modero privately. There has been some push back from Madero's camp regarding the plan to have a peace agreement without the explicit condition that Diaz resign so that the Mexican President may do so without looking like he was forced.

In a sign of good faith, Modero offered to resign as provisional president if Diaz and his vice president, Ramón Corral, did the same. In their place, Madero suggested that former Mexican Ambassador to the United States and current Foreign Minister, León de la Barra, be installed as interim president until free and fair elections are held later this year. Madero made it clear in his statement that there is no other way of the present conflict. Diaz has stated that he will resign once peace has returned to Mexico.

This declaration is being announced on the 49th Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla where the outnumbered Mexican army defeated invading French troops who were still able to install Habsburg Ferdinand Maximillian to the Mexican Imperial throne a year later. Porfirio Diaz was a brigadier general during the battle, and with his infantry brigade, he fought off a diversionary, French cavalry attack and chased off a force much larger than his own. His commanding officer, Ignacio Zaragoza, commended him by saying that his actions were "brave and notable."

Here is the complete text of Madero's declaration:
In general, the conditions of peace have been accepted by me in telegrams transmitted by the government's official agents, Senos Braniff and Obregon. I ought to tell you that I have acceded to treat about those conditions because some gentlemen acting as go-betweens, have, in a confidential way, indicated to me that General Diaz has made known to them his irrevocable resolution to retire from power as soon as peace is established in the country.
This resolution appears to me to be highly patriotic because in the present moment it is the one which can satisfy public opinion, and I am convinced that if General Diaz makes public his intention it will permit us to pacify the country in a very few days, a matter which it is difficult to obtain any other way.
For these reasons, and not doubting the patriotism of General Diaz, I wish you present to the envoy of the government the following proposition:
In order to assure the immediate pacification of Mexico and to furnish to the world an example which will increase the prestige of our country, both contending leaders, General Porfirio Diaz, as well as myself as provisional president, and the vice president of the republic, Ramon Corral, shall resign, and in the interim the minister of foreign relations, Francisco de la Berra, shall be president, pending a general election according to the constitution of the country.
As far as I am concerned, I am offering my resignation with good satisfaction, as I only wish to serve my country as circumstances demand.
If General Diaz is inspired by the same patriotic sentiment, I have no doubt he will make public what he has manifested in private.
I beg of you to make this proposition in the most favorable terms, in order not to offend in the slightest degree, and that you may not insist that he retire immediately. I believe that the country will become quiet alone through the announcement of his intention to retire from power, and as soon as all the arrangements you are affecting with the representatives of President Diaz are put into operation.
Link: Gen. Madero Unconditionally Demands Diaz's Resignation as a Price of Peace [The Bisbee Daily Review]

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