Monday, May 30, 2011

The Threat That Is the 4th Of July

Comrades the statists are at it again. They are trying to show you pretty bobbles, and fancy acts, all with the goal of proving how "great" their oppression is. With the nearing of the 4th of July, the traditional day the American regime celebrate it's "independence", the plans for shows of might and spender are on the rise. According to the Bisbee Daily Review the massive celebration planed in Bisbee can no longer be contained to one day, and now will include the 5th of July as well. This spectacle will include not only competition for prizes but also troop movements! It is these very "celebratory" acts however that highlight the abusive nature of the statist cause.

Comrades this spectacle is no celebration, it is a reminder of the power of the state and no more. The competitions for prizes are no more than the begging of the hungry at the feat of Nero. The troop movements no more than the flash of the Praetorian Guard. These events are carefully crafted, to show you the supposed strength of the state and hide it's weakness. To convince you to submit willingly to the Caesars. Yes comrades we are no freer than those poor souls thousands of years ago made to submit to the Caesars. The only difference is the state has gotten better and making you think submitting is the right thing to do.

Comrades this is not the world we were promised. We should no more submit to the state than we should cut our own throats. We must stand up to the state. We must show them we are strong. To this end comrades turn away this disgusting display of raw power. Don't be drawn in by the bobbles and shouts of the statists. Don't be dazzled by the flash of armed troops or the smell of the bread. Instead comrades remember what this all is, a threat. A threat that if you don't submit they will send those troops against you, and deny you the very bread and gold the capitalists hold in their hands. Remember comrades that what you would be celebrating is your own conquest by the capitalists. So turn away, refuse to even acknowledge that this travesty of a spectacle is going on. Instead put your energies into helping your neighbors, working together for a common cause, and advancing a world where we can all live in Anarchy and Equality.

Will Extend 4th Of July Celebration [Bisbee Daily Review]

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