Thursday, May 26, 2011

Diaz Resigns!!!!

Comrades according to the Bisbee Daily Review as of yesterday Diaz has resigned! His resignation however was only forced because of the armed resistance to his illegitimate use of force. In his speech to the Chamber of Deputies he specifically said he does not recognize that he has done anything wrong and that the only reason he is leaving is that he can't defeat the Freedom Fighters. This revaluation casts an dark shadow on this glorious day.

Even more disturbing are the actions of the people of Mexico. Instead of taking the momentum they have build up and removing the state, they have fallen back on this old crutch call stateism. They have installed a temporary president and arranged for elections to prop up the old system under a new regime. This is the true reason Diaz left. He knew that if he carried on until the bitter end, fighting until the last loyal man died, that the people of Mexico would be done with states, and done with capitalists. As it is now with his leaving he has left the capitalist headed state system in place. So the capitalists will still be the ones really calling the shots, and the state will still oppress the people to prop up the capitalists. This is Diaz's parting gift, continued oppression and class inequity.

Comrades in Mexico please look around you! Think of all the ideals of the revolution. All that you battled for against tremendous odds! Are they being upheld? Or are you selling out pieces of the revolution because it is easier than keeping fighting. Only by rejecting the state and all forms of capitalism can you truly be free and you know it. Please comrades have the courage to fight for what you know is right. Have the courage to live with No Gods and No Masters!

Diaz's Letter To Chamber Of Deputies Read Yesterday [The Bisbee Daily Review]

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