Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Games Diaz Plays

Comrades Diaz is at it again. According to the Bisbee Daily Review Diaz has yet again postponed his "departure" date. He is now saying that he will present him self tomorrow to the Chamber of Deputies and resign. This is outrageous! Why are the Freedom fighters waiting?! Comrades there is no reason to play his game. By giving him time you are only allowing him to hurt the people of Mexico a little bit more. More over you are recognizing the current state as legitimate. This is the same state that cooperated with Diaz. The same state that concentrated power with the wealthy. The same state that gave the capitalists control. As such it should suffer the same fate as Diaz. Both the baby and the bath water must be thrown out. Mexico must have a fresh start. Free of the problems of the old governments. A start under an anarchist system. Only than will the people of Mexico truly be free. Only than can they live their lives with No Gods and No Masters!

Madero Is Warned Of Plot Of The Cientificos [The Bisbee Daily Review]

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