Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fear Grips Mexico City due to Rebels and Rioters

According to this evening's Washington Times, rioting has broken out in the Bolsa suburb of Mexico City.  This could potentially be the first wave of an expected uprising within the city proper.

Mexico City has been gripped by the twin fears of rebels, commanded by Francisco Madero in the north and Francisco Figueroa in the south, attacking the city from the outside and the general populace of the city rising up from within.  With Figueroa ending the armistice in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, it is expected by both the Times and the Washington Herald that he will march north to Mexico City, likely reaching the capital within two weeks.  Madero is expected to march south from his newly conquered rebel capital of Ciudad Juarez, across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas, putting the capital city, and President Diaz in a tight squeeze.  There is still no indication that Diaz is considering a political solution to the present crisis.

Figueroa plans to march on the town of Iguala in northern Guerrero and then to the state capital of Chilpancingo. After taking the state capital of Guerrero, he plans to march on Cuernavaca, the capital of the state of Morelos, and then onto the national capital, 85 kilometers (53 miles) to the north.

A brief riot broke out in the Bolsa district last night, however, it was dispersed by a hastily called force of 1,000 cavalrymen, rurales, and mounted police.  However, many in the government expect that if either Madero, Figueroa, or both reach the city with the rebel armies, the city will erupt into a general uprising.

Another report today in both the Herald and the refuted in the evening Times suggests that Federal officials offered General Pascual Orozco 300,000 pesos if he would make trouble within the rebel camp. The story was provided to reporters by the rebel general, but Federal officials are denying the bribe report.

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