Friday, May 20, 2011

Reyes Stopped at Havana

General Bernardo Reyes, respected by the Mexican Federal Army but despised by the rebels and their leader, Francisco I. Madero, has been halted at Havana under orders from President Porfirio Diaz.  Reyes has been suspected to be the pick to be the country's next War Minister, but Madero has ordered a detachment of his rebel army to prevent his landing at Vera Cruz and, if necessary, to place him under arrest.  Reyes had been returning from Europe where Diaz sent him to prevent him from causing problems in Mexico.  Reyes was a candidate last year for the Mexican Presidency.

According to the Bisbee Daily Review, they have a source in Mexico that says that the names of three generals have been submitted to Madero for the War Ministry post and Reyes is not among them.

Meanwhile, back in his home country, Madero has halted plans to travel to Mexico City to meet with President Diaz after reports that his life may be in danger there.  Reports of such a plan have caused great consternation in the capital and there are worries that Madero may resume the war if he and his rebels give more credence to the possibility that the government would try to capture him or have him killed.

In other news, in its first anti-trust suit since Monday's Standard Oil Decision, the Justice Department has filed suit against more than 150 individuals and 10 trade organizations that are alleged to be part of what has become popularly known as the "lumber trust."  The government alleges that these organizations conspired to constrain the trade of lumber in this country.  Attorney General Wickersham alleges that the organizations conspired to maintain high prices by maintaining agreements between the constituents of the "lumber trust" and blacklisting any retailer not in their organizations.

Link: Reyes Halted At Havana by Diaz -- Madero Calls Off His Trip [The Bisbee Daily Review]
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