Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Revolution Is Falling Apart

Comrades, the unified fight for a free Mexico is no more. According to the Bisbee Daily Review, Tomas Urkina, who commands the southern zone, has refused to comply with the order coming from Madero stating "that he would dictate the peace terms in his territory." This means that looting has continued in the south, resulting in the destruction of entire towns! At the same time, troops are being pulled out of Agua Prieta fully outfitted for war to be sent to Baja California, for unstated reasons. Even worse, according to the Washington Herald, the train carrying Diaz to the coast so he could leave the country has been stopped and attacked by Free Mexican forces. While these forces were beaten off, it highlights the larger issue, the lack of vision.

Comrades, while originally the revolution was made up of great men with great goals, it seems that has been lost. No longer do the generals lead for the average campesino, but rather for their own glory! This is the inherent problem with a statist system. Instead of the people taking up the fight for their own freedom, they allowed others to lead. Instead of working as an anarchist collective, they willingly formed a new state. Instead of choosing to be free, they willingly submitted to other people! Comrades, you can not be free this way. Please open your eyes. The only way to get what you truly want, ultimate freedom and equality, is to remove the capitalists and the statists. No longer follow these petty caudillos; you need to learn to live without them. Instead of allowing someone to own property, you need to learn to live without the idea of property. This is the only way you can live in Anarchy and Equality.

Reign Of Terror At Cananea; Many Flee From City; Arnold Is Jailed [Bisbee Daily Review]
Rebels Attack Diaz On Train; Thirty Killed [Washington Herald]

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