Monday, May 2, 2011

The Power of May Day

Yesterday, comrades, was May Day. In light of this auspicious day, the Bisbee Daily Review and the Washington Times are both reporting strikes and walkouts of massive proportions. In Chicago alone, nearly 50,000 men are ready to walk off the job. They demand better wages and conditions, they demand to be treated fairly, they demand to be given agency over their own lives. While it may seem these men are demanding only the minimal changes to their working environment, they are in fact demanding much more. They are crying out for an anarchist society of workers!

The Unions these workers have formed are all voluntary organizations. They all exist because the individual workers see the benefit of working together. While they are undoubtedly a good thing, the Capitalists hate them. They hate them not only because it eats into their profits. They hate them because it shows the people they don't have to accept Capitalist rule. That there is a way to fight and take back our world. Comrades, please heed the lessons May Day teaches us! It is time for us to demand our world back. If the workers can band together forming unions with such success, why can't we do the same for the rest of our society? It is time, comrades, for us to come together, and reform this corrupt, unfair society, and truly live in a world that has No Gods and No Masters!

Strikes Spread; Many Thousands Lay Down Tools [The Washington Times]
Strike Wave Sweeps Over The Country [The Bisbee Daily Review]

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