Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Federal Police and Soldiers Clash With Madero Supporters in Mexico City

With Diaz announcing another "manana" to his impending resignation from the office of the Mexican presidency, a mob of more than 2,000 took to the streets of the capital to protest Diaz's delays.  With shouts of "Viva Madero" in the air, they denounced President Diaz after many had attended a Chamber of Deputies meeting where the announcement that the resignations of Diaz and Vice President Ramon Corral would not happen until tomorrow (now today).

The protesters marched in front of the National Palace in Zocolo Plaza, where an ill Diaz is holding up, as well as the building for El Imparcial, the state-run newspaper.  In front of both, police and soldiers fired into the crowd, killing between 7 and 18 protesters and injuring between 40 and 45.  Three policemen are also dead after being beaten to death by the rioters.  The protesters were largely dispersed by midnight due to a heavy rain storm that had moved into the capital, though not before they had set fire to the El Imparcial building.  A remnant of the mob remain behind, beating drums, while police and federal troops keep a close eye on them.

The protest had been allowed to remain peaceful with many in the crowd ostracizing Maderists who committed vandalism.  By 8:30pm, with some protesters breaking off into smaller groups, other had gathered in Zocolo Plaza, where they hurled insults at police while becoming more demonstrative.  The police ordered them to move on, which the protesters ignored, at which point the police and troops fired on the crowd.  However, rather than dispersing the mob, they just broke up into smaller groups, still shouting Madero slogans.

It is expected though that despite Diaz's high fever for which he has been bed ridden for the last five days and for which he was unable to receive visitors, including US Ambassador Henry Lane Wilson, he will submit his resignation later today.

Link: Mob of 2,000 Runs Wild for Madero in Mexico City [The Bisbee Daily Review]

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