Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Federalist Take Over

Congress is at it again, comrades. According to today's Bisbee Daily Review, Congress is attempting to revoke rights not only of the state but of the individual. Power hungry lapdogs of the Capitalists have begun drafting laws that would change the entire way the militias work in this land. Whereas before the militia was under the command of the state it was from and could be lent to the federal government, with appropriate approval from the state government, now the president would be able to call up state militias without the consent of the state government. In essence, the federal government will be usurping the sovereignty of the states! The statist dogs in Washington claim it is necessary for national defense, that if left to our own devices, we wont help them in times of emergency. Maybe they are right! They know we won't tolerate their rule forever, so they are moving to cement their power, to remove our avenues of asserting our freedom. They would even press-gang any militia man who disagrees with this new law, requiring him to stay with the service against his will even though they are changing the rules to the game. Making him into a slave!

Originally, a militia was a beautiful example of anarchist theory in action. Minimal hierarchy internally, agreed on officers, and voluntary. Under this new set of laws, it will become just another hierarchical arm of the state. No more will it represent neighbors banding together to protect and help each other. It will be just another method of coercing compliance utilized by Capital in its attempts to gain ever increasing power!

Our militias should represent us as a people, not the wishes of a power hungry despot in Washington. As such I urge every person, band together. Speak out! Inform our overlords we will not accept this! We have to remind them that the militia is there for us. It is of us. It will always serve us. If this law goes through they are building their own power on our backs and that action is immoral, unethical, and will not be tolerated! No gods, No masters!

New Methods Needed In Dealing With Militia [The Bisbee Daily Review]

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