Monday, March 7, 2011

Were they really anarchists?

In the Washington Herald today announced that an anarchist group planing to kill Mayor Pratt was captured by the Spokane police. While I admire their zeal for obtaining freedom I can not accept these men as being true Anarchists. The police are obviously attaching an anarchist slant to this arrest to attempt to convince the people that anarchism is dangerous and negative. This is not the case comrades!

 The men described in the article seem to be bungling fools, following a self appointed "leader". The fact that they were caught by blabbing loud enough to be heard through a boarding house wall just goes to show how disorganization and inexperienced they really were. On top of all that the way the "leader" described him self as being "high up in anarchist circles" smacks of an outsider who doesn't really understand our ways. By ascribing hierarchy onto any anarchist organization this individual exposed him self for the fraud he really is. I would venture to guess that these poor individuals who followed this "leader" were well meaning uneducated anarchists who need taught how to not only be safe but also spread the word effectively.

Even if these men were anarchists bent on liberating us from this tyrannical mayor how can we judge them poorly? We have been kept down all of our lives, so it seems only natural that we should fight back against our oppressors. I wish it wasn't necessary to fight, but until these despots learn the wonder that is anarchism I fear we will have to be ready for the confrontation. But please comrades, be safe, make sure you know your surroundings, and who you are working with. We can not afford blind trust any more. We must be ever vigilant, for the stateist pigs are always watching us.
Until next time,
Anarchy and Equality Comrades

Plot to kill Taft leads to arrests [The Washington Herald]

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