Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Morning Edition: March 1, 1911

Here's a quick snapshot of the headlines from today's morning papers:

Bisbee Daily Review: Taft Affable, But Does Not Encourage Arizona; Naco [Mexican border town] ordered to surrender or fight 10 A.M.; Lorimer vote today, expected to vindicate; Popular vote [of US Senators] Measure Loses by Four "Nays"

The Washington Herald: Naval Officer, closely watched, may be a leper; Spain and Vatican ready to break; Senate deadlock is ended after thirty hours; [Congress] Will Not Annul Russian Treaty to help Jews; Chicago [mayoral] primary sets new record

The New York Tribune: Compromise Ends Senate Deadlock; Paid Commission for Schools, Mayor's Plan; Robin to Plead Guilty Today, It is Said

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