Thursday, March 17, 2011

Diaz plays jumprope on the border

We have long suspected that the agents of the Mexican government are no better than the freedom fighters they claim to hate, but we now have proof! According to the Bisbee Daily Review, yesterday, in the town of Andrade, California, just west of Yuma, Arizona, Mexican custom officials retreated across the frontier into American territory, fired on rebels, and then went back into Mexico. In response, Captain Babcock asked for them to be arrested, but General Bliss of the Western Division declined to do so.

What makes matters even worse is that the oppressive capitalist Diaz regime has often complained that the rebels flaunt the neutrality of American soil to the detriment of the government forces. Even if this was so, by engaging in these same dubious actions, the Diaz regime has announced to the world that this was is not about law and order as they have repeatedly said, but about control and oppression.

When the Diaz regime complained, the United States moved federals onto the border to prevent freedom fighters from crossing. But when the Mexican forces do the exact same action, the American government declines to respond! This is a clear cut example of the relationship between the two states, Master in the north and puppet in the south.

Comrades, we must resist this attempt by American Capitalists to expand their empire into Mexico! We must support the freedom fighters at all costs! Do what you must to this end and remember,
No Gods No Masters!

General Bliss States Object of the Patrol [Bisbee Daily Review]

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