Saturday, March 19, 2011

Are the Freedom Fighters Winning?

It appears that a regime change is imminent in Mexico, comrades. The Bisbee Daily Review reported today that that the Mexican government has stopped calling the freedom fighters "Insurrectos" and is now using such terms as "disorderly peoples" and "Anarchists." Yes comrades, Anarchists! According to the Washington Times, the freedom fighters want free elections, so the government may have missed the mark in calling them anarchists, but the sentiment is good.

All this, however, seems to be hinged on Limantour's return to Mexico City. Limantour, who has the backing of powerful Capitalists in the U.S.A., is believed to be bringing a peace deal from the freedom fighters to President Diaz. Part of the train line to the Capital, however, has recently been captured by the freedom fighters, so Limantour's arrival is by no means guaranteed. If he does get through Free Mexico, I think it is safe to say he, at least, has the blessings of those controlling Free Mexico.

While any restoration of peace could be seen as a good thing, our Mexican comrades must be strong! If they acquiesce to the capitalists and begin negotiating with them, it will be a short trip back into the strong Caudillo-style government that Mexico has proven to susceptible to! Our Mexican comrades must stand firm in their convictions, remove the government, and not replace it. Do not be swayed by promises of improvements, do not believe the honey-laced lies capital whispers. The only long term solution that will bring peace is the implementation of an anarchist society, and that is what we must strive for in Mexico.

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