Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Imperialist Taft!

Comrades I am shocked at Taft's imperialist abuses against our determination! The people of the great territory of Arizona have spoken. We drafted a constitution that gave us true authority over our government. The people demand the authority to remove corrupt judges from office. But that Imperialist Taft want's to keep as much power as possible out of our hands. If we won't agree to his pithy requirement of not possessing recall power via the legislature, he won't share power with us at all! According to today's Washington Herald even our representatives in Washington D.C. are losing hope that the will of the people of Arizona will over come. I can only hope that once the President reads our constitution and understands this document represents our sovereign will that he will relent, but only time will tell.

Gloom Surrounds Arizona Delegates [The Washington Herald]

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