Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Army is Revolting!

According to the Washington Times, an attempted mutiny by the Mexico City garrison has taken place. While the Diaz government fervently denies this, it could not have come at a worse time for the state. While Diaz's new cabinet had been announced and the Mexican congress is set to meet on Saturday to discuss the new reform program, the Public doesn't seem to care. If anything, violence is up with increased numbers of bridges destroyed and communication throughout the north of the country disrupted. There are even reports, vehemently denied by the Diaz government of course, that the capital of Sonora has now fallen to the freedom fighters.

All this points to a government that has completely lost touch with its people. Even the Army can no longer be trusted to prop up Diaz. But why is this? Has the Army finally realized that Diaz does not care about them? That all Diaz cares about it his own power? That if the Army joins with the freedom fighters they can set Mexico free from oppressions boot heel? The ambivalence of the Mexican people towards the state, and I would venture towards any state, just shows their readiness to accept an anarchist system. The people of Mexico no longer see the State as either legitimate or needed. If anything, this time of insurrection and violence has helped prepare the people for anarchism by proving to them how useless the state even is!

While this newfound rebellious attitude of the Army may be a good thing, it must be used carefully. The Army must realize it has no need for a state, that it should set Mexico free from all governments and let the people live their lives unfettered. But if the Army should seek to assert its own power, the situation could get much worse. The campesinos could end up just trading one dictator for another. Only time will tell what route the Army will take, but hopefully they will listen to the will of the Mexican people and give the people of Mexico back their world, and disband all states. Solidarity with our comrades in Mexico!

Diaz Now Fears Mutiny Of Troops [The Washington Times]

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