Sunday, March 27, 2011

Murder in New York

Today the District Atorney Whitman firmly assigned blame for the death of 143 women on the State Labor Superintendent John Williams. This comes just months after a lackey for Mr. Williams office okayed the layout of the factory as safe and legal, despite all the obvious dangers that lead to this tragedy.

While Mr. Whitman is on the right track he has not as of yet made the final connection. Yes, Mr Williams is responsible for these deaths. But so are the capitalists for building the factory, so are the statists who allowed such a nation to exist that would let this happen, and so are we all for not opposing the capitalists before now. We are all responsible, some more than others that is true, but nonetheless we all have blood on our hands and we all have the moral duty to help prevent such a tragedy from happening again!

The conditions on the inside were obviously dangerous. Any fool could see that, so why did Mr Williams office approve this building? More than likely a few backs were scratched, a few palms greased, and business as usual took place in New York City. This is capitalism, pure and simple. For a price the rules put in place to keep the workers quiet are circumvented. For a price the capitalists are allowed to do as they will. For a price 143 women are allowed to die. This is capitalism. Take a good long look, comrades. You talk of your freedoms, you talk of your rights. But when push comes to shove they don't mean a thing, because for a few dollars worth of hush money capitalist pigs can murder 143 women.

These women made the ultimate sacrifice for the capitalist pigs. They shouldn't have had to, but they did. So how do we prevent this from happening again? We can change the building regulations, or the labor laws, or even remove the industry entirely, but it will still happen. It will still happen because this is how capitalism works. Anything can be done for the right price, even ignoring the rules. If we truly wish to prevent another tragedy of this magnitude, we must attack the root of the problem. We must attack the capitalists. Only by removing the capitalists who exploit these workers and the statists that allowed them to do so can we make these women's deaths have a meaning. Only by removing capitalism and statism can we prevent the exploitative circumstances from cropping back up. Only by having an anarchist system free of capitalism can we all be free. That is what we must do. Only through this course are we able to assuage our fears about this type of tragedy. Only via this course can we truly be free. Anarchy and Equality, comrades.

Probe of Factory Fire Horror Begun Along Every Line  [The Washington Times]

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