Saturday, March 12, 2011

Solidarity with the campesinos of Mexico

Mexico is coming apart at the seams. Today, the Washington Herald stated that the United States' goal in Mexico is to now prevent the importation of supplies to the rebels and "to maintain peace in Mexico at all hazards." This stated goal, however, may be to little to late for the American Capitalists to maintain their stranglehold on Mexico. While the Diaz government only officially acknowledges parts of Chihuahua as being under the control of revolutionary forces, it is believed to be a much larger area. The Diaz govermnet seems to be falling apart and every half-bit nation with dreams of power is implicated in the destabilization. So what is really going on?

We have heard from the state department that it is absolutely necessary to prevent the importation of "contraband" into Mexico to ensure the peace. To this end, the United States Department of the Navy has mobilized 5 battleships and their auxiliaries to patrol the east coast of Mexico, while the Department of War has sent a sizable number of troops to secure the American border with Mexico and prevent importation of arms.

But the real question is whether the Diaz goverment is strong enough to use these advantages from their imperial master to regain control of the situation. The Washington Times today reported that Yvez Jose Limantour, the Mexican finance minister, is openly criticizing the Diaz goverment policies and saying they need to be revised. Wouldn't you know it, shortly after he made these statements in New York City, American financiers started saying that Diaz needs to leave the presidency and Limantour should take his place. This reeks of a position of power being bought, and to make it even worse, it was purched from American capitalists!

As if this in fighting within the Diaz government wasn't enough, new allegations in the Washington Herald insist that the current state of rebellion is being sponsored by the Japanese government. So all of a sudden, this is no longer merely a case of American capital forcing its will on the poor; now, it has become a proxy colonial war between American and Japanese capital.

What we have in Mexico is a a powder keg. No matter what is done now, the situation can only get worse. If Diaz regains control it will result in atrocities against the Mexican pessants. If Limantour takes power he will have to rule with an iron fist to solidify his rule, resulting in even worse opression. If the rebels gain the upper hand, the United States may decide to take a more "active" role and invade, and if the alligations about the Japanese are correct, they may come to the rebellion's rescue if the United States does. There seems to be little we can do in this situation. Because we as a society allow capital, this kind of power this is the result: oppression and possibly bloody atrocities for the Mexican people. To truly free ourselves and Mexico, we must first remove the capitalists! If we truly want peace we will see this situation for what is it and rise up with the Mexican rebels against our overlords. We must take on the responsibilty for the events that we as a people have allowed to get to this point. This is the only way we will ever see peace both in Mexico and at home. If this is our goal, we know what to do. Anarchy and Equality, Comrades.

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