Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Shell Game of Freedom

Yesterday afternoon, the Senate of the United States of America voted down the constitution of Arizona. This was shortly after a measure to couple the two purposed state constitutions into a single bill and, as a result, the New Mexico proposed state constitution was also voted down. Immediately after this, however, according to the Bisbee Daily review, it was stated that the problem was not with the New Mexico constitution, but rather with the provision that the people of the Arizona territory have put into their constitution granting themselves the power to recall the corrupt judges who only serve as puppets of the wealthy. This cannot stand!

This is just another example of the powers that conspire against the sovereign peoples of Arizona. This makes both the Legislature and the Executive that are against us. These two powerhouses are doing everything in their power to prevent the people from obtaining any modicum of power, any real control over their daily lives. They know that if we get a taste for true freedom, their faux freedom will never satisfy us again. But that is the nature of the game. That is what this is, after all: a polite game the rich made up to keep us busy. Well no more comrades!

We need not play by their rules! If we want to have control over our lives, we must take it! No more should we ask Congress, or the President, or any other being for it! WE MUST TAKE IT! Instead of writing constitutions and sending representatives to grovel at the feet of rich easterners, we should be organizing. We should be working together, solving the problems in our daily life and bettering our society. We have no need for a government, so let the rich keep their little parlor game. We will get along better with out them or any other state than we ever could have with them. We will be the true winners.
Anarchy and Equality, Comrades.

Owen filibuster does New Mexico no harm and is of no benefit to Arizona, as Taft still has control. [Bisbee Daily Review]

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