Saturday, March 12, 2011

Constitution Suspended in Mexico

In a report in today's New York Tribune, the President of Mexico, Porfirio Diaz, has suspended "constitutional guarantees of personal liberty" in order to help combat Mexican rebels and filibusters from the United States.  This decree will allow Mexican troops to either shoot on sight or summarily try suspected rebels.  Foreign "adventurers" will not be exempt from this pronouncement.  Diaz has blamed the effectiveness of the rebellion, particularly in the northern state of Chihuahua, on American filibusters who have provided weapons and advice to the Maderists.  With this decree, combined with the increased American military presence along the border, the rebellion is expected to fizzle as insurrectionists take to the mountains of northern Mexico.

This decree will apply to those who threaten Mexico's economic interests.  Crimes that are subject to summary execution include: highway robbery, raiding a village or farm, train wrecking, cutting telephone or telegraph wires, pulling a spike from a railroad track, and throwing a stone at a train.

President Diaz has been in power in Mexico since 1876, bringing wealth and prosperity to the country.   Rumors have swirled for months that his health may be failing.  While his government has expressed confidence that the rebellion, begun by failed Presidential candidate Francisco Madero on November 20 of this past year, the New York Tribune today reported that changes were expected in Diaz's cabinet.  In particular, Vice President Ramon Corral, who has had failing health, is expected to step down.  Among possible candidates for his replacements is Jose Limantour, the Mexican Finance Minister who has been in New York these past few days.  However, as he expressed in an interview available in the Bisbee Daily Review, it is unlikely that he would except such a post as his position as finance minister is "most congenial" to him.  Another possible candidate for Vice President of Mexico is General Benardo Reyes, who could be acceptable to the people.

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