Sunday, March 13, 2011

General To Take Personal Command

In the Washington Herald today, we were treated with an explanation that Major General Leonard Wood has left Washington, D.C., in order to assume command of federal troops on the Mexican frontier. This, apparently, is not what had originally been planned. Originally, the Major General was going to direct all action from the rear and leave the day-to-day management to his underlings. This peculiar change of events, however, does make one wonder what changed to cause the Major General to take this drastic act.

In the last few days, torrential rains have hammered the primary staging camps along the Mexican border. These rains have caused the ground to transform into sludge and have slowed down the delivery of supplies necessary for the so called "maneuvers." These natural barriers to federal intervention in Mexico have had the effect of drastically lowering the morale of the troops. Apparently, it has gotten so bad that even ex-president Roosevelt, who is scheduled to visit in a few days, will be needing a retinue of guards. Now why, I ask, would an ex-president need guards in the middle of a federal army camp? Perhaps the troops have started to wake up and see the truth: that while they suffer to oppress the weak and poor, the upper echelons are living comfortable lives in the local hotels and blaring the horn of Jingo!

This is the opportunity we have been waiting for. Now is the time to educate the troops why we must resist the statists and capitalists with all our vigor. If we can educate the troops, we may just have a hope. If no one continues to follow the "orders" from the government, it will no longer matter what Washington, or any other government, says! If we can just teach these men why they must think for themselves and resist their "betters," we will be free of the capital/statist oppression once and for all.
No gods, no masters, comrades!

Maj. Gen. Wood To Take Charge Of "Maneuvers" [The Washington Herald]

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