Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The preservation of whos rights?

In the wake of the largest mobilization of American troops in peace time to the Mexican frontier, the Washington Times is reporting that the U.S. Army's mission is to "Protect Rights." This obviously propagandic piece of fiction, however, fails to answer the question of whose rights. At the end of the article entitled Intervention to Protect Rights Army's Mission, it is plainly stated that the mission of the Army would be "the protection of American and foreign property and the preservation of the Monroe Doctrine." Comrades, open your eyes! They just told us what we have all grown to suspect. They will uphold property rights, but for who? Most property in Mexico is owned by the upper echelons of society, the very people who have used and abused the Mexican workers and pushed them to this point. So the United States government would offically be supporting the Mexican rich at the expense of the Mexican poor! They would see the wealthy with everything and the poor campesinos starve in the field. If our own government is willing to do this to other people is it really such a leap to see that they are doing it to us?

To top off this heap of opressive govermental bile is the federal government's insistance on upholding the Monroe Doctrine. By upholding the Monroe Doctrine, the United States government is openly reaffirming their imperalist ambitions, ambitions that benefit the wealthy few who can afford govermental "assistance" in resolving their foreign disputes. Assistance that utilizes govermental resources for private profit and to exert the Capitalists' control over free people.

This cannot stand! These two facts perfectly highlight how interdependent the mechanisms of the state and the Capitalists are. How the State exists to support the needs of the Wealthy, at the expense of the poor, and vise versa. This simple statement of purpose of the Federal Army manifests all that is wrong with our society, and its inherent opression. You can't hide from it any more, comrades. They told you in so many words. Now you must learn to deal with this new knowledge you have gleaned, to see your world for what it really is: a festering pile of mud where a wealthy few exert control over the rest. But it doesn't have to be this way. Look at the people in Mexico. I personally am proud of the Mexican people. Rise up, comrades! Rise up against your oppressors! Show us how to free ourselves from our technocratic masters and usher in a society that benefits us all. A society of Anarchy and Equality!

Intervention To Protect Rights Army's Mission [The Washington Times]

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