Thursday, March 3, 2011

Celebrating 75 Years of Statist Oppression

75 years ago today, the state of Texas declared its independence from Mexico. Apparently, this is quite a grand affair for Texans and is being celebrated as such. This is no cause for celebration, however. All that happened 75 years ago was a change in how oppression worked.

The Bisbee Daily Review went into great detail today, describing the celebrations that were taking place, and outlining facts from Texan history in some misguided attempt to impress upon us how "important" this event was. Resist the heady appeal of statist rhetoric, comrades! These events are merely a changing of the guard. Despite there being only 40,000 people of Anglo-Saxon blood in the entire territory, the whole of the governmental apparatus was represented by them. In addition, slaves were not only kept, but could not be freed with out the consent of the state. These are not the actions of a group wanting freedom. These are the actions of the wealthy minority, manipulating events to better serve themselves!

Underlining this desire of the wealthy to maintain their position is the fact that this rebellion wouldn't have even happened if Mexico hadn't outlawed slavery 12 years earlier. The Mexican caudillo tried to at least throw the masses a crumb of decency, but the wealthy of the state could not accept that. They would have had no reason to rebel, but when their own private fortunes were in jeopardy, they decided to rebel to maintain their morally reprehensible ways. That is when they chose to act, and instead of using their energies and fortunes for the betterment of society, they chose to allow the state to get by on minimal funding and the good will of the "patriots" they had conned into playing the game their own way. They sold out the rest of the individuals living in the territory to make a little more money.

We must be wary of verbal tripe these statists spew, comrades! Never forget we don't need the Sam Houstons of the world. We can free ourselves from their oppression, and must at all costs resist the glittering chains they would gird us in. No Gods and No Masters!

Texas Diamond Jubilee is Observed [Bisbee Daily Review]

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