Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yet Another Textile Factory Fire

In Baltimore today, there was yet another fire at a textile factory. Surprise, surprise, the primary employees at the Hopkins Tailoring Company and the surrounding business were women. While the 25 women in the building that was set ablaze did manage to escape without serious harm, several were forced to crawl along a ledge to safety. Unfortunately, the 200-plus women from the surrounding business panicked and fled into the street, where they greatly impeded the work of the firefighters with their sheer numbers. Coming just days after the deadly blaze in New York, this rash of textile fires is greatly imperiling working class women.

Even more disturbing is the public response, however. The article reporting this in the Washington Times seemed much more concerned that the chief of the Fire Department has to go home ill than that 25 women's lives were put in jeopardy. As if the lives of 25 women are completely unimportant when compared to the exertion of a statist dog. This cannot stand! We as a society are responsible for the lives of our workers, be they men or women, and must work to protect them. We must demand serious action be taken, to stop these sorts of accidents and prevent any more lives from being threatened. We must act to remind the Capitalists we are people too and that we won't lay down our lives for their profit.

A failure to respond to this developing string of conflagrations of women's workplaces will just serve to embolden the Capitalists already exploiting these women. They will attempt to get by with the minimum safety features necessary, as money spent on safety doesn't go into their pocket books. Thus, a decisive response is necessary to remind Management they need us, and if we aren't happy, nothing will be made. To that end we must speak out, and organize committees to inform our individual employers of our demands for safer working environments. If we don't, I fear this will just keep on happening, possibly with dire consequences. To that end, talk with your coworkers, comrades, decide what needs done and do it as a cohesive unit. Together we have the power and can prevent this type of tragedy. Together we can build a better tomorrow. Together we can be truly free. No Gods, No Masters!

Girls In Factory Creep On Ledges To Escape Flames [The Washington Times]

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