Friday, March 25, 2011

Does Diaz really know?

According to the Bisbee Review, yesterday the cabinet to President Diaz resigned in its entirety, with the exception of Limantour. The freedom fighters have long been complaining about the lack of representation n the cabinet. Until now, the same individuals have been filling these posts for many years. The fact that the presidential cabinet understands the gravity of a situation Diaz seems to be ignoring just serves to underline the self-servedness of the Diaz state. The cabinet members understood they need to step down to please the people, and having a true love for their country and people, they did. Diaz, on the other hand, appears to be concentrating merely on his own power, not giving a single thought to the wishes of his people.

While it has long been known that the Diaz government uses extensive amounts of propaganda, in light of these current resignations, the question of how much Diaz knows must be asked. The latest case of misinformation about the conflict has arisen from an engagement in Sonora. According to an American whiteness, when federal troops assaulted a reinforced free position, they were beaten back quite harshly, and ultimately retreated. After the federals retreated, the free position was then abandoned. This of course was counted as a victory by the Diaz government. But is Diaz really aware of this event in its entirety? Or just in the reported result? Given Diaz's lack of support for ending this conflict in any way other than the sword, it leads me to believe that he is only being told the manipulated truth, and as such is not responding to reality.

To fix this, the freedom fighters need to concentrate on information management. Instead of just fighting the federals they need to be putting out newspapers, telling the people what is really going on. In the end this is what will ultimately convince the masses, as well as Diaz, that their cause is just and appropriate. Additional support from outside Mexico might even be possible given the spread of good information. As long as you let Diaz do all the talking, comrades, you will always be evil, but the moment you start participating in the conversation you will be seen for the wondrous sight you are: as true freedom loving people who love Mexico.

]Cabinet of Diaz Resigns But No Decision Is Made [The Bisbee Daily Review]

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