Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Capitalist Lap Dogs Attempt Kidnapping.

According to the Bisbee Daily Review yesterday, some slight form of justice has been initiated for Mr. McNamara. The three Snakes and a hired thug had been sent by the Los Angeles District Attorney's office to Indianapolis to apprehend and return Mr. McNamara for a show trial. These men, however, neglected to even obey the laws they say they are sworn to uphold! They arrested Mr. McNamara and attempted to send him to Los Angeles, all with out the approval of Indiana. They not only lacked the authority to do this heinous act, but somehow managed to talk members of the Indianapolis Police Department into taking part in the apprehension. They were ultimately arrested on charges of kidnapping. After these dastardly four were arrested they posted bail, of $10000 a piece, and were allowed to leave! The fact that these men were allowed to leave is disgusting, showing how much the state and capitalists support their acts, but the fact that all it took was as obscene amount of money, which they were all able to pay, just goes to show that the law only applies to the poor.

These four represent all that is wrong with our current society. They claim to uphold the law, except when it is inconvenient for them to do so. They claim to represent the people, but the laws don't apply to them when they violate them. They claim to act for the best interests of society, but they really are only listening to their Statist and Capitalist masters. These men are nothing more than class traitors! The charges of kidnapping leveled against them by the state, who they serve, as a joke. They are lawyers, the lapdogs of the wealthy. Of course they do what the wealthy say, it is in their own interest to do so, and the Capitalists take care of them for their servitude. As such they will get off scot-free with out the average worker even getting a say. But this is how it has to work if we have a government. It imposes laws on the poor, while allowing the wealthy to do whatever they please. But if the law doesn't apply to the Capitalists, why should it apply to us? The only way to prevent this kind of travesty is to remove all hierarchical authority. If there was no authority no one would be throwing their weight around to ensure they please their masters, and thus get more than their own fair share of society's resources. If there was no authority, traitors like this would be cast out of society, rather than held up as pillars of virtue. If there was no authority, Mr. McNamara would no only be free, but more than likely the explosion he is accused of would never have taken place. Only by removing authority can we all live in this free world. Only then can we all be safe from Capitalist oppression. Only then can we live with No gods and No masters!

Detective Arrested On Kidnaping Charge; Is Held To The Grand Jury [Bisbee Daily Review]

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