Friday, April 22, 2011

Students Join The Revolution

According to the Bisbee Daily Review yesterday, students at the university in Mexico City organized in support of the revolution. The students of four major schools, Law, Mines, Medicine, and Agriculture, have all officially signed on to the peaceful wing of the revolution. While the students have asserted that they are determined to be peaceful, this was not apparently possible, as a detachment of Diaz-loyal troops was sent to the College of Agriculture. How badly can the war be going for Diaz if he now fears students and must use armed troops to keep them quiet?!

These students rising up is just another symptom of the collapsing support base Diaz used to enjoy. With large swaths of Mexico now in the hands of the Freedom Fighters and polite society in Mexico City starting to reject the Pax Diaz, the question of how long Diaz can remain in power is coming to a head. Hopefully the students can spread the message of Anarchist Living and show the rest of Mexico how to live their lives free from the Capitalist boot heel and be truly free. Hopefully we can follow in their foot steps. Hopefully some day soon we will have No gods and NO masters.

Anarchy and Equality

Revolution Takes Sudden Turn In The City Of Mexico [Bisbee Daily Review]

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