Monday, April 18, 2011

Lines in the Sand

Yesterday in Agua Prieta, Free Mexican forces managed to beat off Federal forces intent on taking the town. According to the Washington Herald, however, this battle has greatly vexed the United States Federal Government. The American regime had demanded that the two fighting forces ensure the safety of Douglas, Arizona, just across the border from Auga Prieta. While both sides had prievously agreed to engage each other in such a way as to avoid firing on the small town claimed by the Americans, this did not happen.

It seems that Washington has forgotten what the Freedom Fighters are fighting for. They are not fighting for our approval, they are fighting for their freedom! Freedom from an oppressive, brutal dictatorship who only serves the capitalist pigs who sit on the top of the peasants. The Federal Mexican forces in turn are fighting to uphold the capitalist minority and to continue oppressing the majority. Given that these are the facts, what made Washington think that either side would listen to and obey the American Regime? It is not in either side's best interest to do so. They only care for their particular cause, not for America's demands.

The Americans are demanding an imaginary line be respected. That is absurd! A line is not what is important, people's lives and freedom are what matters. On both sides of the border we are people suffering the same affliction, the oppressive boot heel of the capitalist pigs and their dogs. Moreover, those fighting for Free Mexico are not solely Mexicans, they are foreigners from all over the world and even some Americans. As such, those fighting have learned the true nature of humanity: that it is not nationality that matters, but humanity. They realized the border is just an idea, and that neither government really has any right to issue demands on either side! So the Freedom Fighters are ignoring the demands of the American Regime and instead attempting to defend Agua Prieta and still leave an opening for their comrades in Douglas to join them. They are attempting to stand together with those who live in Douglas against the pigs and the dogs. They are attempting to throw off all government, not just their own.

We stand in solidarity with those fighting for Free Mexico now. We do so knowing that they fight to remove pigs and dogs from power, and with guidance we hope they will see the benefits of an Anarchist system and forestall any form of government. As such, we we hope when they are free they will stand in solidarity with us in our struggle. No gods, NO masters!

Americans Shot In Bitter Fight For Rebel City [The Washington Herald]

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