Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Slavery Is Alive And Well In America

In the Washington Times today, a short article was run about three women who left their home in Virgina went to New York, and were thus arrested and returned to Virginia. Their crime? They were married and traveled without their husbands' permission! According to the article, they left their husbands and children because they were tired of the lives they had been living. When found out, they were "returned" to their husbands. How can we live in a "free" society when women are treated like property at every turn?

It seems that what the state responded poorly to in this case was the fact that the women were married and left their husbands. Marriage apparently is a binding tie of ownership. The women became the property of the husband to do with as he will. Her opinion no longer matters. Her life basically over. But why should it be this way? Marriage should be a voluntary union of individuals. It should be two individuals coming together because they want to be together. So doesn't that mean when they no longer want to be together the marriage is over? That would mean that the moment these women left, they stopped being married.

We are all equal. Without the state forcing these types of arbitrary divisions on us, that would become obivous! These women are our comrades just like any one else. They deserve to make decisions that affect their lives and be responsible for their lives. The fact that the state stopped them just proves that the state only cares about maintaining control and profit. If women started doing what they wanted, next thing you know, they might want to vote! After that, maybe they want to work and keep the men home! All things women can do just as well as men. But maybe suffrage isn't the answer. If women can do just as well as men at all these things, why do they need the state to recognise it? Why not just take it? Instead of "asking" for rights, we should take them! Instead of wanting to vote, we should act. Only via direct action will we truly be free. Only via direct action will we leave behind the oppressive hegemony rampantly supported by the state. Only via direct action will women be seen as the true equals of men they are. Anarchy and Equality comrades!

Two Eloping Wives Jailed; Husband of Third Pays Her Fine [The Washington Times]

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