Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Triangle Tragedy . . . Continued

Yesterday, according to the Bisbee Daily Review, the two owners of the Triangle Waist  Company were charged with 2 separate counts of manslaughter. While I applaud the grand jury for recognizing the complicity of these men, I am appalled that they were not charged with 154 counts, one for every person who died in that great tragedy! Moreover, I rebuke the manslaughter charges and assert they should be charged with murder!

These two men were well aware of the dangers of their factory. They set up the facility, they knew what could go wrong, yet they chose not to fix it. They chose to place profit over the safety of their workers. In my mind this is far more than causing death through reckless action, this is out and out murder. They made conscious choices that resulted in the death of 154 people. Moreover the fact that they were only charged with 2 counts instead of the full 154 just goes to show how much the State doesn't want to charge these men with anything. If the state wanted to solve the problem, they would have charged the men for all the counts.

They were even released on bail yesterday. $25,000 purchased these men's freedom. That is the price for killing 154 individuals! The existence of bail in our so-called "justice system" just further shows the influence of the Capitalists on the state. For a price, criminals can be freed. For a price, they can avoid justice for a little longer. For a price, they can be above the laws they craft.

The bigger issue here, however, is how this tragedy is being dealt with. Instead of having workers coming together and fixing the problems themselves, via direct action, they are waiting, content for the crumbs the Capitalist State will feed them. Comrades, waiting is not how this problem will get fixed! Until we all are directly involved; until the capitalists are removed and all property socialized; until the state removed so they can't reassert hegemony, we will suffer these tragedies again and again. It is not a matter of if, but when! Only by removing the hierarchy supporting the capitalists, by casting out the capitalists, and by eradicating the concept of property, can we fix these problems. Only then can we all be not only free, but also safe from the greed of the few. Anarchy and Equality, comrades!

Factory Owners Are Charged With Crime Of Manslaughter [Bisbee Daily Review]

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