Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lies Told To Taft

Yesterday, a new ambassador for the Diaz Regime went to Washington and opened a dialog with Taft's Regime. This ambassador not only betrayed the patron-client relationship between Washington and Mexico City, but also showed the desperation currently gripping the Diaz regime. SeƱor Manuel De Zamacona assured President Taft that "peace would be declared in Mexico soon." This assurance seems to go against the facts of the current rebellion. This discontinuity would suggest that the Diaz regime is becoming more desperate and is now making blanket promises they know they can't fulfill. But what is really new about this? All capitalists do is lie. We should have expected this. We should also be rejoicing. This is a good thing! If the Diaz regime is so unstable that they are forced to resort to this obviously untrue statements for some semblance of comfort, the Freedom fighters have already won. It is just a matter of time until they can clear the dead wood out of Mexico City.

Along with this is the clear patron-client relationship that is being displayed between these two regimes. Diaz assures Taft that it will all be fixed soon, and in exchange, Taft assures Diaz he would invade. This is just a clear example of the Capitalists supporting each other. The will of the oppressed workers in Mexico is unimportant to either regime. All either side seems to care about it getting everything back to normal so that American and Mexican capitalists can keep abusing the workers. We must not let this happen! We stand with you, Free Mexico. Show us how to free ourselves from these Capitalist pigs. No gods, no masters!

Taft Is Assured Peace Is In Sight [The Bisbee Daily Review]

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