Monday, April 25, 2011

Union Officials In Ploy to Subvert Justice in Terrorism Case

Legal proceedings continue over the seizure of evidence from the offices of the International Association of Bridge, Structural, and Ornamental Iron Workers Saturday night in relation to last year's bombing of the Los Angeles Times Building that killed 21 people. Brothers John J. and James B. McNamara and Ortie McManigal have been linked to the bombing. J.J. McNamara was arrested Saturday by Private Detective William Burns and two local detectives in Indianapolis, where McNamara was the secretary-treasurer for the Iron Workers Union. He was released into Burns' custody by Indianapolis circuit court judge, James A. Collins, that same day and all three suspects are on their way back to Los Angeles to stand accused of their heinous crimes.

Questions have arisen regarding the legality of the arrest, extradition, and seizure of union documents. A legal brawl has begun over the evidence taken from the Iron Workers Union offices. The attorney for the union, Leo Rappaport, and the Union president, F. M. Ryan, have filed petitions to the court in Indianapolis to retake possession of the potential damning evidence. Perhaps this was done to prevent the world from seeing the truth, that this another other unions are as the president of the Los Angeles Times described them last year following the bombing, "anarchist scum," "cowardly murderers," and "leeches." The police have filed a counter-claim to obtain additional books and evidence that would likely point to the Iron Workers systematic campaign of terror on this country.

Ryan and Rappaport contend that the books were obtained illegally, however, they are being kept for a grand jury that is looking into another bombing, this time at the Indianapolis-based Von Spreckelson Mill in October 1909. The books were in the custody of Judge Collins when the Iron Worker lawyer obtained a writ of replevin from Judge Hart to retrieve the books from Superintendent Hyland. However, Hyland had already turned over the books to the Grand Jury before the writ could be served to him, thus saving the day.

In another attempt to subvert justice, the Iron Workers Union had the prosecuting attorney for Los Angeles County, W.J. Ford, Walter Drew, attorney for the Erectors' Assocations, and their driver, Frank Fox arrested on charges of kidnapping. They have been released from custody on $5,000 bond. Following his release, Ford made the following statement:
We believe we have an unbroken chain of evidence that supports direct statements and admissions of men who are alleged to be connected with the dynamiting in Los Angeles. I do not know of any additional arrests that are to be made here. I will say that I do not understand how John J. McNamara could have spent the sums of money we expect to prove he spent without the knowledge of other members of this organization.
Link: Grand Jury Gets M'Namara's Books Following Fight [The Washington Herald]

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