Thursday, April 14, 2011

U.S.A. Forced to Recognize Free Mexico

According to the Washington Times, within the last several days, the the Mexican freedom fighters have managed to seize the custom houses in Agua Prieta, Sonora, directly opposite of Douglas, Arizona. While this is wonderful for the freedom fighters, finally giving them a way to import armaments through the United States legally, it has seemed to cause a bit of an uproar in the United States.

It seems that for once the federal government may see what situation it is in. With the custom houses now in Free Mexican hands, the federal government is being forced to deal with the freedom fighters as a legitimate government. The Federals even consulted an international lawyer in Washington, D.C. to make sure that they had to recognize the legitimacy of the new regime. According to the lawyer, there is nothing the federal government can do to not recognize the Free Mexican regime without actually becoming militarily involved. 

So what does this mean? Now, for the first time, the American Capitalist Regime is being forced to deal with a truly fair government of the people, and they don't seem to like it. The talk in government circles is all of how much danger American citizens are in, not even thinking that the Mexicans are fighting for their freedom, and that maybe the right to not be a slave to their state is important. But why would the American regime consider that right? If they considered the rights of people to social ownership of property and to not be slaves to the state important they wouldn't be ruling in the first place! So this newfound interaction with Free Mexico is just reminding the American Capitalists just how precarious their situation is: that we the workers have the real power! Given our own will, we can send this nation the way of Mexico and remove the Capitalist dogs from power, and perhaps even improve on the advancements pioneered in Mexico. We could remove all government! That is why the Capitalists are afraid of what is going on in Mexico. They know if we pay to much attention to the Mexican war for freedom we will learn to rebel as well, and that is what the Capitalists will strive to prevent at all costs. So, comrades, look at Mexico. Pay attention to it. Then ask yourself, are you really free? Anarchy and Equality, comrades.

Americans On Mexican Border In Grave Danger [The Washington Times]

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