Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Falsus Pax Diaz

It appears that the peace talks that have been going on between the Freedom Fighters and the Diaz Regime are going south. The Washington Times is reporting that there is a major lack of confidence in the talks within Mexico City and that preparations are underway to continue the campaign to put down the perceived insurrection. This comes after reports of clashes in Chihuahua instigated by Diaz loyal troops who supposedly "didn't know about the armistice."

It would appear that Diaz is only using the peace talks as a brief respite to rearm and prepare for the next phase of his battle. The Bisbee Daily Review is reporting a variation on this theme that seems to be common knowledge in official circles in Mexico City. This is outrageous! Diaz does not wish to truly do what is right and step down, allowing the people to control their own world. He should at least see that this game he is playing is only baiting the bear. By toying with the Freedom Fighters, he is only making matters worse! Whereas before, Free Mexican troops were at least willing to accept the surrender of Diaz's forces, what will happen now?! Unless Diaz takes a good look around and changes his behavior, he may be setting up a great many people to suffer.

Those who have not taken up arms to free Mexico from Diaz's oppressive boot heel should look at his current behavior and the possible outcome. Comrades, if you allow this insane pig of a man to do this, you are only setting yourselves up to be hurt. When the Freedom Fighters win, and at this rate they will, you will be on the losing side of the war. Instead of letting this happen why don't you join with the Freedom Fighters, fight to free your country from this insane dictator. Than you will not only be free, but you will also be alive to see the benefits of this revolution. You will see a world where we have No Gods and No Masters.

Federals March On Peace Zone About Juarez [The Washington Herald]
Mexico City Doubts Success Of Present Peace Negotiations [The Washington Times]
Reyes To Put Madero Down [Bisbee Daily Review]

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