Monday, April 4, 2011

King Senate

The United States Government is no better than a monarchy. According to the Bisbee Daily Review, there is a room in the Senate offices in Washington D.C. that has never been used. This room is jokingly refered to as the "throne room" because of its opulent nature. Even under its official name as the Caucus room, it is still dangerous. This room is a powerful symbol. Even though it is currently not used, the fact that it exists shows the imperial ambitions of the United States Government.

Why would a government need a "Throne Room" unless it intended to rule as a monarch does? The Senate isn't even hiding its lust for power from us any more. It openly admits to its desires and the masses simply look the other way. They show us the true nature of any government, that is to be authoritarian and to impose their will on others. But what gave them this right? Two things did: money and arms. With money they purchase people and build this monstrosity of a "room." With arms they coerced the dissenter into accepting their rule. So this "Throne Room" is really no better than any throne room in Europe, and neither is the government. It has used the same tricks to get power those governments in Europe used. It has built the same inane edifices to its own power. And it will rule us just the same as Europe would, without mercy and at the rule of the rich.

Keep this in mind, comrades. You can't claim you didn't know now. They are showing you their true nature. Now all we must do it, look at it and respond. The real question will be whether we choose to follow our nature and reject this waste of time, or if we embrace the lie they are selling us. Let us hope that we choose wisely.

Throne Room of the Senate A Rich Waste [The Bisbee Daily Review]

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