Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Diaz Regime Disengages.

Will Diaz soon surrender to the Freedom Fighters? According to today's Bisbee Daily Review, the Minister of War under Diaz has sent orders out telling the generals to cease all activity in their zones. Even Diaz gunboats are putting to sea rather than stay in what had previously been a safe port. These things combined with the increased advance of Free Mexican forces suggests that the Freedom Fighters are winning. Moreover, it would seem that some sort of negotiation is in the works between the two regimes. But what does this mean for the revolution?

While the destruction of infrastructure that is occurring is a major problem for the Freedom Fighters, it is an expected outcome of conflict. During times of violent resistance to capitalist oppression, it is normal for those things built by the capitalists to get destroyed. What would be an even bigger setback to the revolution, however, would be a betrayal of the revolution. If there is some deal in the works with Diaz, unless it holds true to the complete socialization of all property under the people of Mexico, it will be a failure. Hopefully, the leaders of free Mexico are aware of this and will plan accordingly.

Moreover, what would a post revolution Mexico look like? No matter how high the ideals of the revolution, unless the leaders have a solid plan on how to successfully implement radical social change, the revolution will fail. The old way must be wiped clean, allowing a new way to grow. We can but hope that the leaders of free Mexico are aware of this. The peasants in Mexico, however, can do much more. If they internalize the revolution, they can continue even if their leaders sell them out. If they adopt anarchist practices, they can function as a group sans leader, and ensure the ideals of the revolution are fulfilled. If they do this, they can truly be free. They can live with No gods and No masters!

Revolution Spreads To West Coast [Bisbee Daily Review]

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