Friday, April 8, 2011

Phoenicians Want Control

Today, a delegation from "Arizona" met with President Taft to talk about the proposed Arizona constitution. These delegates, however, did not represent all of Arizona. Seeing as they all came from Phoenix, they would seem to have a natural bias in favor of the territorial government. They argued that the "people of Arizona" wanted to be governed this way. But were they really representing all people in the territory, or just those few who make up the territorial government?

Governments are always made up of the rich capitalists. They have to be. Everyone else is busy working to try and feed their families; only the wealthy would have the time to play these games in the capital building. So how can they claim to represent all of Arizona? They can't! No government can ever represent all the people. They just don't work that way. They can only truly represent those who actively take part in them, namely those wealthy capitalists who are in the governing body. So why do we even bother playing this little game?

Instead of voting and arguing about what needs done in the legislature, we should take care of our problems ourselves! We should take direct control over our lives. Who cares what games the capitalists play up in Phoenix? We can manage our lives just fine from here. If we all work together, we will have all of the labor and knowledge we need. If we eliminate all hierarchy in our decisionmaking, we can all truly be represented. Only by living our lives in an anarchist fashion can all of us be free. Only by practicing anarchist philosophies can we all truly be in control of our lives. So don't listen to what those fools in Phoenix or Washington D.C. say. They only want to continue subjugating you for their own benefit. Instead, take control of your life and you will be free. It's as simple as that. Anarchy and Equality comrades!

Arizonans Request Taft To Approve The Constitution [The Washington Times]

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